Chiquis responds to ‘Mr. Tempo’ after he said that “he didn’t care what that old woman said” in his book

Chiquis Rivera nothing was saved and he reacted to the harsh statements he made about her Jorge Cueva, ‘Mr. Tempo’with whom he had a fleeting relationship in October 2020, just a few weeks after announcing the separation from Lorenzo Mendez.

The singer mentioned in her most recent book, ‘Invincible’, what happened to the businessman. In the text, she acknowledges that mixed pleasure with business when he was with the Mexican restaurateur, based in the US.

‘Mr. Tempo ‘claims that he sought out Chiquis to invite her to be the image of a tequila, but that afterwards she gave something “physical” to each other. In October 2020, they were caught kissing in a hotel lobby Mexican, but weeks later they began to have public clashes. It was speculated that the romance was only for publicity purposes.

Chiquis responds to ‘Mr. Tempo’ after attacks for his book

In an audio that was presented on February 8 in ‘First Hand’, ‘Mr. Tempo’ lashed out at Chiquis after the book was released and knowing that he mentioned it in it: ” I don’t care what that old lady said, I am a businessman, I don’t deal (sic) with gossip. The truth. I am the most successful businessman in California.”

I’m not interested in walking in neighborhood gossip, laundry, that’s the only way they get fame. I am a gentleman, and I have evidence and (messages from) WhatsApp and I have photos, but that is not done, that is not for men, “he warned.

Given these words, the singer was questioned about it during one of the stops on the promotional tour she is doing in the US for the launch of her book.

I didn’t hear what he saidthe truth”, recognized the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera in statements presented this Tuesday, February 15 in ‘Ventaneando’.

“I’m not speaking ill of anyone”he warned, “simply (is) the truth in this book and telling what we have been through, not just me, (but also) my brothers, how difficult these last 7 years of our lives have been.”

According to ‘Mr. Tempo’, Chiquis just “wants to hold on and talk” about him: “I don’t know what he said and I’m not even interested, I’m a thousand percent calm that what we did was natural and without bad intentions,” he defended in ‘First Hand’.

Has Chiquis already talked to Lorenzo Méndez about the book?

Given this, the interpreter was questioned if her ex, with whom she is still in the process of divorce, contacted her to make a claim against what she published about him.

“We don’t communicate at all”he assured in the interview presented in ‘Ventaneando’, “I haven’t heard anything from him for a long, long time.”

On the relationship and life in marriage that he had with him, after marrying on June 29, 2019, he said: ” I do not regret anythingThey were also very beautiful moments that we lived”.

Until now, Lorenzo Méndez has not spoken explicitly about what is mentioned about him in his ex’s book. He has published some messages on social networks that seem to be indirect towards Chiquis.

Hours before, Wake up America He had broadcast a revealing interview with Chiquis where he talked about the breakup he had with him and the details he captured in the book.


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Chiquis responds to ‘Mr. Tempo’ after he said that “he didn’t care what that old woman said” in his book