Chiquis Rivera: “I knew my mother was dead when I saw a photo of her feet”

Chiquis Rivera claims that she knew her mother was dead because she recognized her feet in a photo


Jenni Rivera and her eldest daughter Chiquis

New details have emerged on how the children of the late singer Jenni Rivera they learned of his death on December 10, 2012. According to the story of his eldest daughter Chiquis Rivera placeholder imageWhen the plane where the singer was traveling with six other people was declared missing, she and her brothers remained hopeful for days thinking that they would find her alive.

“When the plane where my mother was traveling disappeared I was at a party celebrating my cousin’s wedding in Las Vegas. From one moment to another I felt a great sadness and I started crying in the middle of the dance floor. I think my mother told us what had happened. The next morning they called me to let me know that their plane was lost. I drove so fast that in less than three hours I arrived at my grandmother’s house where my brothers were, I needed to be with them (…) at that time I had been estranged from my brothers because of the problems I had had with my mother, but nothing I cared, ”he said.

Chiquis revealed in detail the exact moment she learned her mother was dead while she was at her grandmother Rosa’s house. “When they found some wreckage from the plane, someone… I don’t know who, probably someone very evil, sent me some photos showing some feet, and I immediately knew it was her, I recognized her feet, because I knew them very well (…) when she She came back tired from working and I would take her shoes off and massage her feet. At that moment, I had no doubts that we had lost her, ”she said.

The singer said that at that moment she heard her mother’s voice telling her “you have to be strong for those children.” “It was then that I went to tell my brothers that she would not return,” he explained.

Chiquis She explained that her siblings are the most important thing in her life and that one way to honor her mother is by striving to be a good sister and take care of them.

“I know how important her children are to her. I still feel my mother, I have seen her twice in my dreams. I always talk to her. I have done my best to be an example to my brothers, to stick together and have a peaceful relationship. She always told me that I was the older sister for something, that I had to keep my brothers together, and that’s what I do, “he stressed.

The 36-year-old artist affirms that although her mother is true disinherited her two months before he died, because he thought that she had slept with her husband, Esteban Loaiza, the true inheritance that his mother left him were his brothers. “Everything I do I do it thinking of my brothers, I want them to know that I will always be there to support them, and that drives me to work harder,” he concluded.

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Chiquis Rivera: “I knew my mother was dead when I saw a photo of her feet”