Chiquis Rivera poses light clothes and achieves almost 400 thousand: [Video]

Chiquis Rivera poses in a transparent bikini

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Chiquis Rivera poses in a transparent bikini

Chiquis Rivera not only is she one of the most famous singers in the world of Latin entertainment in the United States, but she is also a beautiful woman, who has been able to fight against stereotypesdefending the beauty of voluptuous women with extra pounds.

And this time country music singer Mexican charmed her loyal Instagram followers, on account of a digital cover of People magazine in Spanishin which she looks stunning, in a white bikini, with transparencies, with which she boasted of her sensuality.

In the video, which already achieved almost 400,000 views, in just a few hours, Chiquis can be seen radiant, full of strength and very pretty.

the publication titled the cover with the phrase: “Chiquis at her best”, highlighting the good stage that the singer is going through.

chiquis was shown very excited about the cover and took the opportunity to thank his followers and People in Spanish for also promoting his new book.

“Thank you to all the beautiful family of @peopleenespanol for this very special cover and for supporting my new book,” commented the daughter of the late Jenni Rivera in her message on Instagram. “They have always been there covering every moment of my career and I thank them!”

The faithful fans of the singer could not hide their pleasure at the cover, and reacted with all kinds of comments and flattering messages.

“Chula”, “beautiful, Yessss🙌 congrats this is incredible”, “I love you and I admire you a lot ❤️”, “I adore you my beautiful princess, my chiquis” and “you look beautiful”, were some of the phrases with which that the artist’s fans responded to the video.

Despite the praise for the singer, there is no lack of those who criticize Chiquis for not wearing a mannequin model figure, who are always being cruel and unfair, something that hurts her, as she confessed in November last year in dialogue with Jomari .

“I’ve gotten better on red carpets, it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. What I want is to feel good in the dress. But, yes, she makes me sad and angry because, if that same dress was worn by a skinny size 2 or 4 girl, they would not criticize her. Just like with my photos, I can take the same photo as a thin girl who has her thing, but I also have mine, and they criticize me, “confessed Chiquis.

“No. I am not the thin woman that some might want to see in a tight dress, walking on a red carpet, but what I AM is, is a woman who is not afraid of challenges, of taking risks and trying something different, out of the ordinary. frequent”, she also recently said in an Instagram message, where she stated that although many call her vulgar, she considers herself a very sexy woman.

“I am a real woman, just like what. A woman sure of herself, but starting with her heart. So for those of you who find it easy to criticize, I want you to know that you have me without the BALLS! Face up as well as @karolg I love myself… and so should you”, she concluded.

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Chiquis Rivera poses light clothes and achieves almost 400 thousand: [Video]