Chiquis Rivera reveals that she had an abortion at age 19

Chiquis Rivera reveals that she had an abortion at age 19

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Since he released his own Chiquis and Chill podcast, singer Chiquis Rivera placeholder image He has established a very open communication with his thousands of followers, revealing aspects of his life that no one knew about. In the most recent broadcast of the program entitled “I am Latina and will freeze my eggs,” Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter confessed that at 19 she was pregnant.

The episode was attended by Shahin Ghadir, her fertility doctor. “At 19 I got pregnant. I never told anyone, I was scared, I didn’t go to the doctor either. I knew I was pregnant, but I didn’t know how to tell my mother. I don’t know if it was due to stress, but I started to bleed, apparently I had a loss (…) After six months I went to the doctor, they did a control exam and they told me that they had to anesthetize me to clean my uterus, “he said.

The 36-year-old singer also revealed that two years ago she suffered terrible pain that forced her to go to the emergency room at midnight, and it was then that a cyst was discovered on one of her ovaries. “At that time I was also diagnosed with endometriosis and I thought I was suffering from this disease as a result of the loss I had at 19,” he explained.

Regarding the decisions she is making to become a mother, the singer said that two years ago she announced that she would freeze her eggs, but she has not yet done so.

“When I started talking about this issue I felt pressure from the media, they said ‘she can’t have children, she’s broke.’ And now I think it is my decision, because I was not ready to have children and this is a way to release the pressure. I also wondered if by doing so I would be in breach of God’s will, now I think that it is my body, my decision and no one can decide for me, and that God is fine with that, “he explained.

Chiquis stated that she regrets not having frozen her eggs earlier, but is determined to do so. “My egg count was very low when I had the test done a long time ago. I am afraid that now it is even lower, and it is most likely that it will be, “he said, after noting that he will try to get pregnant naturally with his current partner, Emilio Sánchez, but will freeze his eggs to have a plan B.

Surrogate mother?

During the broadcast of the program, the singer confessed that another reason why she decided to freeze her eggs is to have more possibilities in case of having to resort to a surrogate mother, or if in the future her brother Johnny wants to have children with his partner and needs their ovules.

“I know it sounds strange, but I’m his sister (…) it’s good to have a plan B (…) I don’t want to regret it later for not having done it (…) my doctor tells me that I should freeze my eggs soon,” he said.

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Chiquis Rivera reveals that she had an abortion at age 19