Chiquis Rivera surprises her grandmother with a beautiful gift. Did they reconcile?

Chiquis Rivera surprises her grandmother with a beautiful gift. Did they reconcile?

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The deteriorating relationship between Chiquis Rivera and his maternal grandmother, better known as Doña Rosa, could be on the way to a reconciliation. Grandmother and granddaughter have made nice gestures towards each other, which would reflect that little by little they would be leaving their differences behind.

The first to have a close-up detail was Chiquis, who sent Jenni Rivera’s mother a copy of her most recent book “Invincible.” Although the 36-year-old singer did not make public her nice gesture towards her grandmother, it was Doña Rosa who, through a publication on her Instagram account, informed her public of the pleasant surprise that she took from her.

“With my doctor Silvia Mayorquín I received the gift of my Chiquis. My beautiful girl! ”, Doña Rosa wrote next to a photo where she appears with the book of the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera In your hands.

Immediately, the more than 490 thousand followers that Doña Rosa has on Instagram expressed their joy at her words. “I am very happy, Mrs. Rosa, I am not one to comment, but I am glad that love is stronger than any problem, love each other. They need a lot from you”, “Whatever it is, they are grandmother and granddaughter, and the family always has to talk to each other, no matter how many problems and conflicts exist”, and “I hope they have resolved their differences, families fight but when there is love, love is forever”, were some of the comments left to him.

Although there was no shortage of those who criticized the matriarch of the Rivera, for having previously spoken ill of her granddaughter. “That he hadn’t talked bad about her? I already got lost ”,“ So much hypocrisy in a photo ”, and“ Well, it’s good that the lady reconsidered, but something is certain: that what she said will never be forgotten by her grandchildren ”, some wrote netizens.

The problems between Doña Rosa and Jenni Rivera’s five children began because of the inheritance left by La Diva de la Banda. This, because Doña Rosa did not think it was good that her grandchildren questioned the administration of her daughter Rosie about the deceased singer’s inheritance.

The fact that Doña Rosa has spoken ill of her grandchildren hurt girls, who has always been very protective of her siblings, whom she considers her children, because she took care of them since they were ten years old.

“My grandmother is and always will be a big part of the woman I am, I love her very much, I miss her very much, unfortunately things happened. I would have liked things to be different, I understand her, she has to be with her children. For a while I didn’t understand it, now I have to understand, and I know that she understands me that I also have to be with my children, who are my brothers, because they don’t have their mother, they don’t have their father but they have their sister”, Chiquis recently declared to the The Opinion newspaper.

“Right now I think that the mistake that we made or many of us make in the family, in any relationship, is not talking. It is important to talk, people understand each other by talking, asking, not assuming, and I think that is what happened (…) Right now there is no communication, it is mutual not to have that communication, I think that right now we are fine like this, I I pray to God every day for her, for my family, but right now I think we are calmer and at peace like this, ”concluded Chiquis.

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Chiquis Rivera surprises her grandmother with a beautiful gift. Did they reconcile?