Chiquis Rivera talks about her biggest mistake in life: What lesson did she learn?

The big mistake in the life of Chiquis Rivera

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The big mistake in the life of Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera has always been an open book with his fans when it comes to talk about your private life and personal, which he has shared through his reality shows and his own direct communications with his audience on social networks.

And this time, when it has just launched his book “Invincible”where narrates details of his life that many did not know and explains others that have come to light, addressed what has been his big mistake in life.

Chiquis was honest in a interview with the newspaper La Opinionfrom Los Angeles, and there she recognized what has been her biggest mistake, which she said she is not willing to commit anymore.

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“For a long time I did feel, they made me feel: ‘this is the career you chose’, no way. But I have learned that I am also a human being, that I do deserve to keep certain things to myself. Now I do my best not to make the same mistakes. I know where I can go and where I shouldn’t to be a little calmer. I don’t necessarily have to share everything,” said the singer, acknowledging that the mistake of talking openly about everything is already a thing of the past.

“I am going to share what I want, what I want people to see, I am also a woman and I deserve that. For a long time I did not feel like this, ”Chiquis limited, adding that she is willing not to listen to those who tell her that she will not be able to change that.

“I think it’s going to take a little time, they say to me: “How do you want to keep yourself or your relationship so private if you were the thing before?” Precisely for that! because I learned the lesson ”, warned the ex-wife of Lorenzo Méndez.

Lupillo Rivera’s niece revealed that in order to finish her book she had to take more than three years, in which she had to relive painful moments in her life, but she feels happy with the result, because it was an act of liberation.

“Yes, I already feel capable, accomplished, I feel like a woman. It was necessary to go through certain things to get to this point. This book begins where ‘Perdón’ ended, my first book, and what has happened in these 7 years, I am a public figure, through my social networks, through my music, I have shared a lot about myself, about my life , but I also think that this is a way of explaining things in more detail, “said the singer in the interview with La Opinion.

“Through my experiences I want to help others, I feel that more than anything it is my mission. I do feel different, I feel capable, and now I do feel like I have my ovaries here in my hand, ”concluded the music star, insisting that she wants to use her experience to help those who follow her.

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Chiquis Rivera talks about her biggest mistake in life: What lesson did she learn?