Chiquis Rivera’s ex explodes against her for things she said in her book “Invincible”

Mr. tempo criticized Chiquis Rivera for her book Invincible

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Mr. Tempo, ex of the singer, criticized Chiquis Rivera for her book

Chiquis Rivera He launched his book “Invincible” with great fanfare, where he openly talks about different aspects of his life such as his family and sentimental relationships, and darts continue to emerge from different sides, from people upset with what is said about them in the biography of the young singer.

One of them is the businessman Mr. Tempo, who was very famous at the end of 2020, after the paparazzi caught him eating kisses with Chiquis in a hotel in Mexico, when he was still the wife of Lorenzo Méndez, and had been very recently separated .

And it is that despite the fact that the interpreter assures in her book that she had a strong chemistry with Mr. Tempo and that the young man lowered the sky and the stars, which turned out not to be real, because the businessman had a girlfriend, so according to her, she chose to end her romance, to Mr. Tempo those statements They haven’t been good at all.

The Mexican spoke with the television program “First Hand”where he let it be seen in passing that he does not have good feelings towards the singerafter reading what he said about him.

“I don’t want to talk about it again. I don’t care what that old woman said…I’m a businessman, I don’t deal in gossip. The truth. I am the most successful businessman in California.” said the manwith whom Chiquis planned to invest in a tequila.
“I’m not interested in going around in neighborhood gossip, laundry, that’s the only way they get famous. I am a gentleman, and I have proof and (messages from) WhatsApp and I have photos, but that is not done, that is not for men,” he added, saying that he was not going to reveal things about Jenni Rivera’s daughter, despite the fact that she makes him look bad.

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“She wants to hold on and talk about me, I don’t know what she said and I’m not interested, I’m a thousand percent calm that what we did was natural and without bad intention,” added the businessman. “God and she know exactly what happened and how it happened, I don’t deal with her cheap gossip, people without work. We go like crabs, backwards: we love gossip, we love to see what the neighbor is doing”.

Mr. Tempo assured that at no time did he plan to have a relationship with the singer with the intention of taking advantage of her in a business.

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“I wanted to make a tequila with her, other physical things happened and nothing was planned. So, hopefully for her mental good, she has not told lies and if in her mind her own story was made of her, I have proof, “added Mr. Tempo to the television program.

And showing his annoyance even more, he sent a strong message to Chiquis.

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“I’m not so ordinary, I don’t take up gossip about the Rivera family to get more fame,” said the singer’s famous ex.

In a recent interview with The Opinion newspaperfrom Los Angeles, when talking about her book “Invincible”, the singer assured that after seeing the result, which took her three years, she feels very happy, liberated and calm in her heart.

“I know that perhaps it is like reopening certain wounds, certain things that have happened, that perhaps many people have forgotten, and for me too. Writing this book was a form of therapy, it helped me heal a lot of things, it took almost 3 years to write it… All the past is left behind, it stays in this book, I feel like I don’t have to carry that anymore, “he commented. Chiquis. “For those who are interested in knowing certain things, it is just gossip, or clarifying, there is much more to this book, it is to be able to inspire and empower, and hopefully help people who have gone through the things that I have gone through, and not find a way out.”

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Chiquis Rivera’s ex explodes against her for things she said in her book “Invincible”