Chiquis sends a big hint again, to her ex Lorenzo Méndez?

Chiquis Rivera reveals Jenni Rivera's harsh reaction to her courtship with a woman


Although Chiquis and Lorenzo Méndez separated a year and a half ago and the artist expressed her desire to end her marriage, the phrases on the social networks of both continue to give the impression that they are messages in code for one and for the other. This time it was her who threw words that seem directed directly towards her ex.

It is not for less. According to the Chiquis team, the singer-songwriter and former vocal leader of the Original Banda el Limón, has been responsible for a divorce procedure that is longer and more complicated than normal, since he has been absent from judicial calls and has been late in the delivery of papers necessary for the legal dissolution of the marriage, which barely lasted a year.

That is, the divorce is taking them longer than they were married.

But also, Lorenzo Mendez He has been little gentleman and even less clear when it comes to his relationship with Chiquis, who is his second wife. At the beginning of the separation, the artist tried to make it look like something temporary, then he refused to talk to the press about it.

When Chiquis’s romance with Mexican restaurant entrepreneur Mr Tempo became known, Méndez declared himself offended, which sparked great criticism against his ex, despite the fact that they had been separated for weeks.

It was the same when it became known that the artist had a relationship with Emilio Sánchez, who is a professional photographer. Méndez spoke as if she were the victim of an emotional betrayal, despite the fact that the couple had not shared a home for months and had only seen each other once.

In her most recent book “Unstoppable”, Chiquis hinted that she is sure that Méndez and her team were responsible for the photographers and cameramen knowing where they were going to be to capture moments that should have been intimate.

chiquis invincible book

Atria BooksChiquis’s book is a series of great truths.

In the publication, Chiquis recounted episodes in which Méndez abused alcohol and drugs, including one in which physical violence was reached. Although he has said that “it’s a lie” and that he intends to prove it, he has not yet offered any evidence or brought it up again.

In addition, the artist has made it clear that the divorce has not been due to delays by Lorenzo Méndez and his lawyers.

Perhaps for this reason, he published this last message on Twitter: “One day he will wake up and realize what he really had but did not value… and at the same time you will thank God who gave you the strength to free yourself and value yourself”.

Without a doubt, that was the interpretation that his fans gave him. It is what they have commented on the networks. However, it is also possible that Chiquis wrote that text thinking about women who have been in complicated relationships or who have been betrayed by their partners and who managed to get out of those negative situations.

In her book, she herself confessed that she needed psychological and family support to get to and overcome the breakup. She also said that she felt bad about herself for not having achieved it before her and continuing to give opportunities to her ex, when it was clear that the relationship was not working emotionally or physically. In fact, she even recounted a very intimate painful experience in which she Méndez sexually rejected her.

The truth is that Chiquis is that type of artist who thanks the public for their support by offering the lessons she has learned in life on the networks and in her podcast. Although it is not usually learned by someone else’s head, it is always comforting to know that someone like her also trips over the same stone in life.

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Chiquis sends a big hint again, to her ex Lorenzo Méndez?