Chiquis surprises with a change of look. What was done?

Chiquis changes her look


Chiquis is one of the most chameleonic artists in the world of Latin entertainment and her most recent transformation proves it. The artist and businesswoman changed her look in an amazing way for a project that she has not yet revealed and the result was phenomenal. Perhaps she should adopt that style more permanently and give it to one of her his three personalities permanently.

When talking about an amazing transformation, it does not mean that it has been left unrecognizable. This is not the case. Chiquis still looks like her, but with a patina of chic elegance that suits her best. In fact, it brings out her natural beauty in a way that other hair colors and makeup styles can’t.

The ash blonde hair and eyes framed by dark pink, almost red eyeshadow is a dramatic and cool combination, offering her an interesting sophistication. On the other hand, the tones of her skin makeup maintained the warmth that characterizes her. Bravo to Chiquis and her team for playing with her image and with the tools they have at their disposal to generate different emotions and sensations.

Although we don’t know what that transformation was for, the artist said that she had spent the day recording something for her next album, which she has said will be out in the coming weeks.

The artist has announced that it is a collection of new versions of some of her favorite songs and unreleased songs. According to her, they all have something with the process that happened since their separation by Lorenzo Mendez , from whom he has been trying to divorce for more than a year. “They all represent something in my life related to love, heartbreak and the strength of being a woman,” she told us in an interview.

On the album, the fourth in Chiquis’ career, there are banda songs, ballads, cumbias and other genres of Mexican music. The artist is betting on the formula that gave her the 2020 Latin Grammy in the Band Music category. “But we’re spending time, attention and money to make it even better,” she proudly emphasized.

Chiquis Latin Grammys 2020

Janney MarinChiquis made her own Latin Grammys 2020 ceremony at home

Chiquis wants to be recognized for her seriousness and the quality she gives to her work. That seriousness and quality also includes his chameleon tendencies and the way he develops them on camera, whether on his phone or professionally. And, of course, he showed it in the most recent transformation.

The artist will appear at the music stage of the Latin American Music Awards at the end of April. Chiquis is nominated for best artist on social networks and has also been announced as one of the performers of the night. Will we see her transformed again? Knowing her it is possible. However, what her fans can be sure of is that she will present one or more of the new songs from that album to which she has dedicated so much effort, such as “I want to wake up with someone” or the newest “Honor” .

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Chiquis surprises with a change of look. What was done?