Christian Nodal, after breaking up with Belinda, is caught having dinner with his ex-girlfriend

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The story of the love breakup Christian Nodal and Belinda keep giving what to talk about and it is that after this Tuesday the magazine TV Notes“explain that one of the reasons why the couple ended was the infidelities of the singer, On the Internet some photographs have been leaked that prove it.

And it seems that the interpreter of “Goodbye love” after announcing the end of his engagement to Belinda, was captured in a luxurious restaurant in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his ex-partner, María Fernanda Guzmán, daughter of former soccer player and now technical director Daniel Guzmán.

In a video broadcast by the Instagram account “La Doña del Chisme” the singer is seen sitting at the table with his 22-year-old ex, with whom he ended his relationship in 2020, just before matching Belinda on the program “La voz ”.

Christian Nodal was caught with his ex, María Fernanda. Photo: @ladonadelchisme

It should be noted that the famous magazine clarifies that although Nodal reported the end of his relationship with Belinda this weekend, the separation would have occurred a few days ago, after she was fed up with his parties, excesses and alleged infidelities.

Did Belinda end up with Nodal for being unfaithful?

Said version of the facts coincides with what was exposed by the television program, “Ventaneando”, where it has been indicated that Belinda decided to break up with Nodal, learning that while she had traveled to New York for work, he visited the municipality of Tapalpa, in Jalisco, to reunite with María Fernanda and her brotherwith whom he has a very close friendship.

“While she was in New York, the Nodal boy went to Tapalpa, where the ex-girlfriend lives and went to see the ex-brother-in-law, because he is a close friend of the ex-brother-in-law. There is a tantrum in the middle”commented journalist Pati Chapoy, head of the broadcast.

Christian Nodal was seen in Guadalajara after announcing his breakup with Belinda. Photo: @chamonic3

In that sense, Internet users took on the task of seeking more details about the breaking of Belinda and Nodal and they found some photographs in which he is seen this weekend at her ex-partner’s house, on the occasion of his birthday.

In one of the images, the singer is seen sitting in an armchair, covering his face, while his ex-brother-in-law only sees his tennis shoes and pants.

Internet users claim that Christian Nodal visited the house of María Fernanda. Photo: Instagram

With this new assumption around the couple, Belinda’s followers went over to Nodal, for hurting the star.

“Nodal visiting his ex’s house. It’s good that Beli decided to go her own way and leave this immature little man. We love you, Beli”; “Shame that Nodal changes Beli”; “He still gets the statement out of him and lets Belinda look bad,” they wrote indignantly.

For now, the mystery continues, since neither Nodal nor Belinda will talk about it for a while. In his statement released on Saturday night, the 23-year-old singer was very clear that he will no longer touch this topic.

WhileBelinda, as has happened in her previous relationships, will keep the details to herself and will not say why she canceled her engagement.

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Christian Nodal, after breaking up with Belinda, is caught having dinner with his ex-girlfriend