Christian Nodal breaks the silence and admits having lived the crazy life

Since the end of his engagement with Christian Nodal, Belinda’s over-the-top lifestyle has come under unprecedented scrutiny because his detractors assure that he can only afford it thanks to the money of his sentimental partners.

Ironically, his ex has been the only one of the two who has recognized that at one point in his life he was obsessed with all the luxuries associated with music stars, such as luxury cars, jewelry or expensive watches, and he felt unable to give them up. “I thought that money was just that, living life crazy, to the extreme, fast, without thinking things through. I feel like I didn’t lose ground, but I did get obsessed and I got to a point where if I didn’t wear branded clothes, I didn’t feel safe,” Christian confessed in an interview with Life & Style magazine.

That stage of his life, which coincided with his meteoric rise to fame, was marked by days of parties that were chained and during which he ended up losing control to the point that he later did not remember what he had done. “Going out with people I didn’t know and ending up in strange places,” he added.

That stage came to an end for two reasons: firstly, he realized that material possessions did not help him connect with people, and secondly, he met many of his idols and was very disappointed. “I discovered them empty. His talks were so superficial that I said: ‘Am I the only crazy person who suffers from an existential crisis because he lives deeply analyzing every step he takes and how he treats others?’

Many celebrities continue to talk about Nodal’s thunder with Belinda

The controversy surrounding the engagement ring Belinda and Christian Nodal has opened a curious public debate: who should keep the jewel with which someone proposed to their partner when the wedding plans are canceled?

In the world of entertainment there are opinions for all tastes, from those who think that the pop star should return the ring to his ex to those who believe that he has every right in the world to keep it and even sell or return it to get the money it cost, but Sebastián Yatra can only say that he will never find himself in a similar situation, according to Showbiz.

The Colombian, who collaborated with Nodal on the song “Esta noche” two years ago, is not ashamed to admit that a sum of money similar to the 3 million dollars his friend paid for the ring has never been spent on another person. that he bought from Belinda, and he never intends to do it.

I give books and things with meaning. I have never given such an expensive gift. I think it’s something I learned from my dad when I was little, when he told me the love story with my mom“, he acknowledged at the press conference he offered before his last concert in Mexico, in which he could not avoid questions about the hottest topic of the moment in the country’s social press.

Sebastian doesn’t think his point of view makes him cheap, but rather helps him avoid people who are only interested in him for material reasons. “I think that love is something that, the more meaning you can give it by moving it away from material things, the more beautiful it will be”, it is finished.

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Christian Nodal breaks the silence and admits having lived the crazy life