Christian Nodal could be in legal trouble after leaking a conversation with Belinda, they ask that the Olympia Law be applied

Christian Nodal / Belinda.

Christian Nodal / Belinda.

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The sentimental break between BelindOh Christian Nodal confirmed last february continues to give what to talk about, and it is that a few days ago the Mexican regional singer released a private conversation with his exwhich in addition to the controversy in which he has once again been involved, could also get you in trouble with the law then he would have incurred digital violence.

It all started last Wednesday, May 18, when The interpreter of “Botella after bottle” responded to Belinda’s mother through a Twitter messagein which in addition to pointing out her for supposedly collecting the fruits of her daughter until leaving her with nothing, she also added the screenshot taken from her cell phone, in which a conversation between him and his ex-partner can be clearly read.

“Honey, do you think I can get my teeth fixed this week, I mean, Aren’t you going to get some money this week, apart from my parents, so that I can fix them?“, is read in the exchange of messages.

However, in addition to generating controversy and dividing opinions on the part of the fans, there was no lack of those who classified said act as media violence, for which even some groups asked to apply the Olympia Law, cataloging the singer as a “hurt man”as can be read in the message published by Feminist Criminology on Facebook.

And it is that this law entered into force in Mexico City on January 22, 2020 and was created with the aim of curbing digital aggression and punishing crimes that violate or interfere with the privacy of people through electronic means. She was driven by Olimpia Corral Melowho was the victim of the dissemination of an intimate video through social networks without his consent.

Could Christian Nodal go to prison?

Although it is a conversation and it does not talk or expose intimate sexual contentin the event that the interpreter of “Bella treason” decided to initiate a civil lawsuit against Christian Nodal and he was found guilty, he could be subject to various sanctions in accordance with the Federal Penal Code, one of them is the imprisonment from three to six yearsor, in the case of a public servant, spouse or concubine, the penalty would increase to 9 years in prison. Likewise, it could be sanctioned with a fine ranging from $44,000 pesos to $89,000 pesos, that is, from $2,215 dollars, up to $4,481 dollars.

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Christian Nodal could be in legal trouble after leaking a conversation with Belinda, they ask that the Olympia Law be applied