Christian Nodal vs. Universal Music: Explanation of the Veto Belinda’s Boyfriend Faces

Since it transpired that was vetoed by the Universal Music record company, fans of the Mexican singer and songwriter are concerned about the artist’s career, however, he denied the rumors and explained the conflict with the record company. So what really happened?

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The contractual link of the interpreter of ‘Bottle after bottle’ with Universal Music and Fonovisa Records, which is a division of Universal Music Latin Entertainment, started in 2017 through JG Music, the record label of Jaime Gonzalez, father and legal representative of the singer.

When the contract ended and the renewal was negotiated, JG Music presented the complaints of hoping to reach an agreement, but that did not happen, so while González’s company sued Universal-Fonovisa for breach of contract, the artist continued with his presentations and collaborations.

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On November 2, 2021, entertainment journalist Gil Barrera revealed that Universal Music turned to the AMPROFON (Mexican Association of Producers of Phonograms and Videograms) to prevent other companies, artists or entrepreneurs from collaborating with .

Therefore, it was announced that, if the singer’s image, his songs and videos were disclosed, distributed and / or sold, or a business relationship was established with the artist from Caborca, Sonora, they would earn a fine amounting to approximately 3 million Mexican pesos.

Christian Nodal, who in this image appears at one of his concerts, denied Universal Pictures’ veto (Photo: Christian Nodal / Instagram)


Through a live broadcast on Instagram, Christian nodal He denied the veto: “Well, my people, I wanted to do this Live because something bastard is happening and I wanted to clarify things because many of my fans are very worried about everything that has been said about me, about my career, these last days , from the veto that Universal is putting me on ”.

“It is impossible that they are committing this type of slavery to artists with record labels by force. I have a resolution from a federal judge ordering that all measures be denied. There is no such veto, it is false. I have a role, I have the order of the judge that orders that everything that Universal is requesting not be made possible, which was to veto me from everywhere. I do not have any current contract with them, I did not want to sign with them and they are doing all this the wrong way. As they do to me, they want to do it to thousands of artists. This has happened to many more artists “, clarified the boyfriend of .

Likewise, the artist took the opportunity to thank his followers for their support and attendance at his concerts. “I want to raise awareness of this, I want to make it very clear to you and I want to thank you for all the support, for all the love, love, thank you for the dates we have had, for all the shows, thank you for all the blessings you have brought to my life”.

“So calm down, there is Christian nodal For a while, they will not be able to stop my music or anything that has to do with my career, expect new music very soon, expect many surprises and hope for the best. I love you very much, God bless you, I would be very grateful if you could help me spread this message because many people are still thinking that what has been said in the media is a reality, “he added.


After what Christian nodal explain his conflict with the record company Universal Music, Belinda She showed her support for her boyfriend and fiancé by sharing the video of him live on her Instagram stories.

Well said“Were the words that the singer also chose to show her followers her full support for the singer.

Belinda showed her support for her fiancé with a story on her Instagram account (Photo: Belinda / Instagram)
Belinda showed her support for her fiancé with a story on her Instagram account (Photo: Belinda / Instagram)

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Christian Nodal vs. Universal Music: Explanation of the Veto Belinda’s Boyfriend Faces