Christina Aguilera reveals how she managed to lose almost 20 kilos in just three months

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    Christina Aguilera no introductions needed. It’s what it takes to be an icon of pop music since the late ’90s. singer that made us (and continues to make) dance to the rhythm of ‘Ain’t no other man’, ‘Dirty’ or ‘Beautiful’, achieving occupy the number 1 of multiple success lists; also went through a worse stage. As his music drifted into a more relaxed stage, where she put her career on hold to become a mother; his physique was transformed in a more than visible way and began to occupy the covers.

    But there came a time when the singer was not healthy and happy took the initiative Y, for his own well-being he made changes in his life with which he managed, in just three months and in a healthy way, lose almost 20 kilos. Today, we discover and we know more about the famous method what followed to achieve that incredible physical transformation in just a few months and, it has left us so impressed that, of course, we had to share it. Take note!

    Christina Aguilera: the reasons for her weight gain

    The artist began gain weight significantly in 2008, after giving birth to her first child. As you well know, it is something natural, to gain some weight after a pregnancy; not only because you eat more, but because, sometimes, the hormonal imbalance can fall on the kilos of the scale.

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    It should be noted that, initially, the artist showed off her new curves with real pride. However, as the months passed, the artist stopped feeling so good with his new silhouette. That is why he decided to start training with him. prestigious Tee Sorge Y adopt a new diet.

    However, after their notorious divorce, the mental and physical wellness of the singer was deteriorated. And that was not all, beyond his new sentimental situation, he found himself combining his musical career with a new television collaboration. In 2013the music star put his own well-being first; looking to reconnect and feel comfortable with herself.

    The great transformation of Christina Aguilera

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    To regain well-being, the artist returned to resort to physical exercise and follow one balance diet. He allegedly subscribed to a catering service; where could control calories what he ate per day And they even claim that he tried the iconic color diet (known for each day of the week, eat healthy foods of that color); however, on many occasions she has stated that. he simply began to deprive himself of certain meals, reduced his visits to restaurants and controlled his portions. With these three steps, I was losing weight consciously and, most importantly, healthy.

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    On the other hand, he began to perform various routines focused in the biceps and triceps; where it tends to reflect flaccidity after substantial and rapid weight loss. And also, retrieved the sit-up board that he began to perform during the ‘Burlesque’ movie, to define them even more. The star step of your training routine? Walk. Yes, the singer began her training walking at a light pace for about 15 or 20 minutes on the classic treadmill.

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Christina Aguilera reveals how she managed to lose almost 20 kilos in just three months