Chyno Miranda dead: users consider the singer dead in networks

  • Users consider singer Chyno Miranda for dead
  • His ex Natasha Araos comes out to tell the truth about these rumors
  • “Chyno died from the disease that he has been treating?”

Chyno Miranda dead. The Venezuelan singer Chyno Miranda since the illness that he had have made the artist move away from social networks, so the rumors about his disappearance have been increasing. There are even those who gave him up for dead, for the long time he has not appeared on social networks.

It was on the Instagram account of Tell me what you know where they shared a video that Natasha Araos, ex-wife of the singer Chyno, uploaded in their stories. Where he was answering some questions that his followers made in his partner network profile. And he was surprised when they asked him about the Venezuelan.

Chyno Miranda is listed as dead


The disappearance of the musical artist has made Internet users say anything, and there were those who already gave him up for dead. This was seen in a question that the influencer answered in her Instagram stories, where even she was quite surprised by these types of questions.

It should be remembered that the couple surprised the singer’s fans and followers of the influencer, when they admitted that they had been separated for a year, so each one was expected to live in their own home; The separation rumors began months ago, when a show program mentioned that Natasha had left Chyno, in one of the worst moments of her life.

Is Chyno Miranda dead? The ex comes out to tell the truth

Users ask if Chyno Miranda is dead

It was a questioning of Chyno Miranda’s ex-partner, Natasha Araos that provoked the anger of the influencer and came out in defense of the Venezuelan. “What do you think of what has come out in the networks that Chyno died from the disease that he is already treating?” His followers asked the Venezuelan.

To which Natasha immediately replied, “How absurd! But hey, I’m finding out from you. I do not see gossip things nor am I interested, I do not put my energy in things with a bad vibe and I think that you in this world of networks would have to do the same, “said the singer’s ex-wife.

They attack Natasha Araos for saying that Chyno Miranda is not dead

They attack Natasha Araos for saying that Chyno Miranda is not dead

Immediately Internet users were present in the comments, where they left their opinion on the matter: “If that woman is already bored, she always seemed perfect both spiritually and physically and none of us are perfect even though we live in a world on Instagram where everything is beautiful, haha!!! if she is happy to shut her mouth for a while it is boring, “said one user.

“She lost all credibility of the Chino public because the famous one is him and not her”, “Right now he says no then he says yes. He didn’t say anything, out of pain these artists don’t even know what to do with their lives ”,“ I don’t even believe our father’s whore to Natasha’s harpy. With his face I did not go ”, were some comments from users. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE .

Chyno Miranda asked for patience before it was rumored if he was dead

Chyno Miranda asked for patience before it was rumored if he was dead

Previously Chyno Miranda had left a statement on his Instagram account, where he asked his followers for a little patience to face the disease he was living with: “I ask you for patience and energy to be able to return to the stage and give my best of me as I always have. The sun will always rise ”, he said in a part of the official letter.

Since then the artist has stayed away from the cameras and without giving any reason to his fans, but on some occasions he can be seen in the stories of the Venezuelan model, Natasha Araos. Since at this moment Chyno is in recovery to return to the stage stronger than ever.

Despite their separation they will continue to live together, they say

Despite their separation they will continue to live together
Photo: Instagram

A few weeks ago Natasha Araos confessed on social networks that both she and Chyno Miranda will continue to live in the same house they have shared for years. The Venezuelan clarified that although they have been separated for a year, they will continue to live together in the home they formed for the well-being of their son.

The young Venezuelan clarified this situation after the messages she received about her coexistence with Chyno and what role each one will take before the separation. The influencer made it clear that at the moment her priority is to maintain a good relationship with the father of her minor child.

They appreciate the displays of affection; but it goes wrong

They appreciate the displays of affection
Photo: Instagram

Natasha, better known as ‘Tashie’, mentioned on social networks that the main thing she wanted was to be able to thank her followers for the support they got after giving the news of their separation, which happened a year ago and that they had finally decided share with your fans.

Hello how are you?. We wanted to thank them for all the support, all the affection they have shown us through social networks, as a result of the news we have just given. ”, The young woman commented in her Instagram stories. She stressed that what they wanted to do was to thank the support they have obtained from their fans and followers, who have supported them in this process. Filed Under: Chyno Miranda Dead

Reveals the state of health of Chyno Miranda

"Jesus was ready"
Photo: Instagram

Natasha mentioned that she understood the surprise she had caused in the public that follows them by the novelty of the events. But, if she was honest, for them it was not something new and with which they had to get used to; In main, he stressed that the important thing was that Jesus (Chyno) felt comfortable with giving the news to others and that for this reason, they decided to tell it.

I know, as Jesus said, that you are surprised by this situation, but this is not something new for us. This comes from more than a year ago, and what happens is that Jesus is fine and he feels ready, we tell it. . Filed Under: Chyno Miranda Dead

“We will continue living together”

"We will continue living together"
Photo: Instagram

One of the doubts that arose the moment they announced their separation was to know if they would continue living together or would definitely separate. The Venezuelan, clarified that they would continue to live together but not in a sense of couple, but as the family that they were and that at that time they preferred it that way due to the process they were taking.

Thank you, thank you for being there. We are still together, living together. Not as a couple, as a family, yet. Everything takes time and process. ”, Commented Natasha, who was accompanied by Chyno in the car, while she recorded the answer to all the doubts that had arisen after the separation. Filed Under: Chyno Miranda Dead

“By our blessing”

"For our blessing"
Photo: Instagram

The woman stressed that for both, the important thing was to maintain a harmony for her son. As in the video where they confessed their separation, Natasha and Chyno, once again reiterated their desire to be a good team for the common good of little Lucca. As in the beginning of the video, the couple appreciated the comments of their followers.

And as I told you, we are going to continue a wonderful team for our blessing from God. “Thank you from the heart, thank you!” Chyno said before the camera, to later finish the clip, which was shared in the stories of the young woman. Filed Under: Chyno Miranda Dead

The singer also expressed his feelings towards his followers

Chyno also expressed his feelings towards his followers
Photo: Instagram

Through his stories on Instagram, Chyno Miranda reappeared after officially reporting his break with the Venezuelan Natasha Araos, in the brief videos, both he and Natasha appeared from their car thanking them for all the messages of support they have received since the news. , also arguing that he had wanted to report this for a year:

“My people, thank you for your support and all your messages of affection, I know that for you this news could have impacted them, but we have already been planning how to say it for a year, and we are here together”, later, Chyno began to record Natasha Araos, who commented that the priority it had always been the singer’s recovery. Filed Under: Chyno Miranda Dead

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Chyno Miranda dead: users consider the singer dead in networks