Claudia Álvarez boasts the 3D ultrasounds of her twins

Undoubtedly, Claudia Alvarez and Billy rovzar They go through one of the most special stages of their life as a couple. And it is that in addition to having recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, are also in the middle of the sweet waiting of her twins, who will come to complete the beautiful family that they have already formed next to Kira, his firstborn. Obviously, Claudia and Billy could not be more excited, so they wanted to share with their fans a bit of the joy that fills their hearts right now, so through their social networks they have made them part of this beautiful stage of life. That is why with all the enthusiasm in the world, the beautiful actress has shared with her followers some photos of her 3D ultrasound, thus giving a small glimpse of her little ones who are on the way, taking advantage of the occasion to ensure that everything goes well with her pregnancy.

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It was through her Instagram profile where the future mother of twins shared the tender images of her ultrasound with which she has touched all her fans, in which the faces of her babies can be seen more clearly. “Photo 1: baby boy, photo 2: baby girl“, he wrote happily at the bottom of his photo album, thus introducing his little ones with all his followers and friends as Odalys Ramirez and Grettell Valdez, who did not hesitate to show their emotion with some heart emojis.

Claudia took the opportunity to share with her followers some details of how her pregnancy is going and the state of her babies, making it clear that everything is going smoothly and that the development of her little ones is going wonderfully. “Thank God everything is perfect with their development, they already weigh half a kilo each, but my back feels like they weigh much more”, She shared excitedly.


Without a doubt, Claudia and Billy are enjoying this stage of life to the fullest, so throughout these months they have taken the opportunity to prepare for the arrival of the two new members of their family, so they have even decided to move to a bigger house and thus guarantee the optimal development of their three children. However, the couple works against the clock, because in addition to the fact that the nine months of gestation usually go very quickly, Claudia has to make sure to rest and stay calm as much as possible, since a twin pregnancy will always be considered high risk. “In a bit The nausea and vomiting are goneSo, right now I’m enjoying myself, I know that after my third trimester I’m going to have to be still, because when is a twin pregnancy is high risk, because they can be born earlier so I have to be super quiet “, Álvarez commented a few days ago in an interview with Windowing.

How has Kira reacted to her mother’s pregnancy?

Without a doubt, Claudia has not been the only one who has felt the effects of the sweet wait, as she recounted in the same talk she had with the program she leads Pati chapoy, his first-born has been a bit sensitive to the arrival of his little brothers. “Yes! Doña tantrums, she was like that for a couple of weeks, Right now, his tantrums are gone and he still doesn’t understand well, well, what little brothers are, but she knows that they come here in the belly, that there are two babies, she tells you: ‘Two little brothers’, but until she lives it she will not know, “said the actress.

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Claudia Álvarez boasts the 3D ultrasounds of her twins