Claudia Elena Vásquez’s mother passed away and was thus remembered by Carlos Vives

Photo: Instagram @ClaudiaElena
Photo: Instagram @ClaudiaElena

Just hours after posting an emotional Christmas message to your social media followers, the family made up of Claudia Elena Vásquez and Carlos Vives had to say goodbye to María Elena Ángel Ochoa, mother of the former beauty queen, who died of causes that have not yet been confirmed.

The announcement was made by the 47-year-old from Antioquia during the early hours of the day and through a story she posted on her Instagram account, in which she shared a photograph she took of their clasped hands and added the following message: “Ma, te love, you will always live in my heart. Rest in peace”.

Later, he added other snapshots in which the woman is seen enjoying other moments with the family. In addition, he took the opportunity to comment that his mother lived dedicated to her family and that is why the absence will be notable and, Although her death occurred on such a special date, she also warns that from now on December 25 will be a day to remember her with greater affection because she was a lover of the December times.

“You loved Christmas and you had to go today to remember the day of the birth of Jesus, I love you,” added Claudia Elena Vásquez.

Carlos Vives, of course, also spoke on his social networks and mentioned that María Elena was a sweet person who was “light” for her family at all times.. His wife even commented that the woman came to love him more than herself.

The reactions did not take long, of course, and dozens of friends, colleagues and followers sent their condolences to the family, as well as the necessary strength to face the loss of their grandmother.

Silvia Tcherassi, Alejandro Estrada, Goyo, Esteban Nieto, Inés María Zabaraín and Jorge Alfredo Vargas were some of the public figures who left their comments on the matter.


Among the immediate musical chores of Carlos Vives He has a tour named ‘After all You Live’ and, at this time, he is in the United States. However, their concerts beyond enclosing the entire show that is the samarium on stage, they also enclosed a dedication he made to Claudia Elena Vásquez (wife).

As was? Well, on Sunday, December 5, the singer displayed his musical repertoire in Orlando and as an entrance to unfold in the interpretation of ‘Volví a nacer’ was that he expressed a bunch of affectionate words to his partner, who was Miss Colombia in 1996.

“There are many people to whom we always want to dedicate this song and you have been generous to them by always giving it to someone who wants to get married and wants to make a family like yours and mine. Thank you for my children, thank you for everything, even fixing my clothes to be nice for them (public), for scolding me when I eat me, but tonight I wanted to dedicate it to you, we are in Orlando, it is a place for the honeymoon, wonderful , and tonight I’m not going to be tired, “he said in front of his audience.

It is worth mentioning that it was in 2008 when the courtship of Carlos Vives and María Elena Vásquez became a marriage. And, throughout their sentimental history, the musician Samarium and the also engineer and businesswoman conceived two children: Elena (2008) and Pedro (2010). However, previously Vives had already lived the experience of being a father, firstly, with the birth of Carlos Enrique and, later, with Lucy; their mother is Herlinda Gómez.


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Claudia Elena Vásquez’s mother passed away and was thus remembered by Carlos Vives