Close to returning to music, Paulo Londra was sued by his ex, days after giving birth: what does the mother of her daughters ask for

Paulo Londra and Rocio Moreno
Paulo Londra and Rocio Moreno

“I’m happy because new things are coming”, The Cordovan singer wrote just a few days ago Paul London on his Instagram account in reference to his imminent return to music. However, and when everything seems to be heading in the workplace, in the personal sphere things are not going well. Separated from his former partner Rocío Moreno and mother of his daughter Isabella, a year and a half old, and another baby who will be born in weeks -or days-, she decided to sue him.

Anna Ronsenfeld, The 23-year-old’s lawyer confirmed to teleshow who the day before yesterday filed a lawsuit for “economic compensation”, against the artist. “It’s because of his dedication to him and his daughters,” explained the lawyer in reference to the fact that the also influencer He stopped studying and did not work to accompany and support him on tours and to take care of his eldest daughter who was born in July 2020.

With the demand made, the family counselor must set a date for the hearing between the parties to try to reach an agreement. There is no day yet, but because the delivery date (February 27) is approaching, they asked that it be arranged “urgently”.

Paulo Londra and Rocio Moreno at Isabella's birthday
Paulo Londra and Rocio Moreno at Isabella’s birthday

But in addition to the financial compensation for having accompanied the singer who has more than eleven million followers on his social networks, Rocío does not rule out taking other legal actions, such as the food claim, since he would not be giving her money for the expenses of the pregnancy and the maintenance of Isabella.

Rocío confirmed her separation from Paulo about a month ago in dialogue with this site. They were already estranged, he had slept in his parents’ house for a long time, next to the couple’s, but The straw that broke the camel’s back was that he would not have informed her that he was going on a trip to the United States, but that she was notified through social networks.

He doesn’t have the maturity to know where he is and what he should do.” she had told Teleshow when he confirmed that they were separated, although they had never had a talk that put an end to their relationship, which began in 2015. “Isabela was born in July 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, we were happy. We had a very big crisis, but he he was sorry and apologized to me, he made many promises, we bet on the family and projects. I believed his promises and decided to bet. at the time He started going out more, hanging out with friends. It’s not that I don’t want him to get together, the issue is that he was absent from home and each time he came back later or he practically didn’t come home, and he stayed at his parents’ house so that I wouldn’t see the schedules and how did i get back”, said the young influencer.

“I saw on Instagram that I was in Minnesota,” he recalled about Londra’s last trip to the United States and added: “The messages I sent him did not arrive and a week later he contacted me and told me that he could not communicate due to a problem on his phone. But to upload stories it worked…”.

From that moment, according to those close to the family, after his return they saw each other a couple of times, very few, and things did not improve between them that today they have very little contact. Right now he is in Buenos Aires and she is about to give birth, accompanied by her mother.

The now ex-couple met in 2015 when they were both finishing high school. Three years later she went to another town to study Veterinary Sciences while he took his first steps in music and since they were seeing little of each other, in 2019 he bought a piece of land with two houses, one for his parents and one for them and He proposed coexistence. Determined to bet on love, she left her studies and they went to live together.


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Close to returning to music, Paulo Londra was sued by his ex, days after giving birth: what does the mother of her daughters ask for