‘Coda’, best film; Jessica Chastain and Will Smith, best actors

The ceremony began The 94th edition of the Oscars risked breaking some traditions and this year’s ceremony is actually a testing laboratory for the search for an evolution in its gala.

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It has not been without controversy, but the truth is that it has generated a lot of expectation and changes are expected, such as the decision to bring the public closer through Twitter so that they can choose their favorite movie and scenes with the hashtags #OscarsFanFavorite and #OscarsCheerMoment, Give you some much needed fresh air.

Likewise, tonight categories such as best original soundtrack, makeup and hairstyle, editing, production design, sound, as well as the three dedicated to short films (documentary, animated and live action) will not be broadcast live on television, possibly for revitalize the ceremony in front of the cameras.

In the awards that were not televised, the Spanish Alberto Mielgo won the statuette for best animated short film with ‘The Windshield Wiper’; an award to which the Chilean director Hugo Covarrubias also aspired with “Bestia”.

The Queen of Basketball about Lucy Harris, one of the best basketball players in NBA history, won the award for best short documentary. The Long Goodbye It was the best short film.

The tennis players Serena and Venus Williams welcomed the award gala giving way to the interpretation of the song ‘Be Alive’, which is part of the film King Richard: a winning family. In an open space that emulated a tennis court, Beyoncé sang the composition that accompanied a story of empowerment. she disciplines and fights for dreams.

“We are here where movie lovers come together and watch television. This year the Academy hired three women because it is cheaper than a man,” was one of the comments of Amy Schumer, along with Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes. They made a little fun of the Golden Globes, toxic masculinity and the great work of movies like ‘The power of the dog’.

“We are at the Oscars, I can’t believe it, it’s the best place, I want to congratulate everyone who made a movie in this pandemic, they weren’t all great, they were difficult to understand (…). I saw like 109 times Charm”Schumer joked, who gave it an ironic and irreverent touch in this meeting in which even Will Smith hit Chris Rock, at the award ceremony for best documentary Summer of Soul. A strange and tense moment that was recorded in the broadcast of the gala.

Rock made a joke comparing Jada Pinkett Smith’s short hair to Demi Moore’s shaved-haired character in the 1997 movie “GI Jane.” Smith approached Rock and punched him in the face, before returning to his seat next to her. at Jada and yelling obscenities. “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth,” he yelled
Smith. The actress and singer suffers from alopecia.

This was the ceremony and recognition….

Coda: the best film of the gala

'Coda', a film to listen to with the heart

‘Coda’, a film to listen to with the heart

It was a surprise, but not too much. This comedy-like drama of a young woman who has to choose between music and her deaf family shocked the members of the Academy.

Coda’ is a version of the original French film ‘La familia Bélier’. But it is not a melodramatic or forced remake: the film in English manages to maintain its essence, but distances itself and opens its own path.

The actress who stole the look of the awards

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain received andn Oscar for best actress for her work on The Eyes of Tammy Faye, the biography of an evangelist who took faith and the grays of the human condition from success to decline.

Will Smith’s most emotional moment

The competition for best actor was not easy, but that important recognition went to Will Smit for his work as King Richard: A Winning Family. Everyone stood up to congratulate him and he said that his character was a defender of his family. “I am overwhelmed by what God asks me to do and be in this world (…) They are calling me in life to love people and to be like a river for my people, I know that by doing what we do you have the power to make people talk crazy about you, you have to smile and pretend everything is fine,” he said.

“This is a beautiful moment and I’m not crying about winning an award, it’s about being able to give people light,” he said, speaking of the entire cast. “Art imitates life, I look like the crazy dad, but love does crazy things to you,” he concluded by apologizing to the Academy.

The power of Jane Champion

The Power of the Dog by Jane Campion

“The Power of the Dog” by Jane Campion. In the photo with the actors Kirsten Dunst and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Jane Campo, the New Zealand creator of The Power of the Dog, received the applause as best director. “I love my fellow nominees (…) I love directing because it is fully entering a story and I was not alone,” she commented, paying tribute to her team and her Netflix for supporting this atypical western.

Billie Eilish: too young for the Oscar

british singer I couldn’t believe that he had won the Oscar for best song, for the homonymous theme of the James Bond film No Time to Die. She is 18 years old, she is a musical star and she achieved the melancholy and style that the plot of the famous secret agent demanded of her.

The best script is…

The Oscar in this category went to Belfast. Its director Kenneth Branagh received the award and stressed that it was a “story about joy and hope” in a world of violence. In the adapted script, Coda won it.

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Bruno let himself be heard

Carolina Gaitan and Mauro Castillo sang the success of We Don’t Talk About Bruno, giving a special color to the ceremony, accompanied by Becky G and Luis Fonsi. Another very special moment that highlighted the leading role of Encanto at the gala. Too bad the presentation was cut for a few seconds on the television broadcast of the awards, but the Dolby Theater strongly applauded the intervention of the Colombians and the other guests.

A great wardrobe to win an award


Emma Stone, in her role as Cruella.


The Walt Disney Company

Cruella was the candidate to keep the golden statuette and responded to the expectation. The designer Jenny Beavana legend in that creation section, took the stage to thank the recognition of a peculiar and fun character and environment.

There were no surprises in the international tape

Drive my Car

The category had productions of great dramatic solidity and the competition was not easy, but the Japanese production Drive my Car had always been considered. This film won for its shocking message about loss, love and redemption.

“I’m so excited to be here”: Troy Kotsur

Troy Kotsur, Coda’s father: signs of the heart’, took home the award for best supporting actor. “I’m very excited and honored to be here at the Oscars. It’s been a very long process to develop this project and it really is a wonderful moment. With ‘Coda’ we have this world that connects the hearing with the deaf community,” he said. on the red carpet before the awards.

‘Charm’ is the best animated movie

The'Encanto' recipe for making Colombian fritters

Maribel is the main character of Encanto.

It was one of the sung. Charm, inspired by Colombia it is an adventure that strengthens the idea of ​​family; tells the adventure of a character who breaks the mold and has the tenderness, drama and magic to take the viewer through different emotions.

Sebastian Yatra appeared earlier to sing ‘Dos oruguitas’, the film’s nominated song. The stage was surrounded by the color of Colombian nature. Very committed to acting, Yatra launched a message of hope and change at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles with a composition by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Dune’s power

Dune film by Denis Villeneuve

Dune film by Denis Villeneuve

The best cinematography, one of the most important technical awards of the night, went to Duna. Jason Momoa and Josh Brolin arrived at the Dolby Theater and were ‘tested’ by Regina Hall, before giving the award for best sound. There was no more suitable couple for that recognition, since both actors worked in Duina, the winner of that category.

In addition, they kept the golden statuette for best visual effects. hans zimmer composed the film award-winning soundtrack. An almost indisputable prize. Added to the best edition and the best production design.

An Afro-Latina won the Oscar

The award in the section for best supporting actress for Ariana Debose, for her role as Anita, in the new version of West Side Story.

“Now come because Anita says: I want to be in America…dreams do come true. Thank you steven spielberg“was part of the actress’s emotional speech. “See this Afro-Latina with an Oscar.” Debose concluded.

Oscar behind the scenes

Mexican Eugenio Derbez showed his emotion at the reception that ‘Coda: Señales de Corazón’ is receiving.

“It was something spectacular because the movie came out in theaters in August and thanks to the nomination people started to see it more and more, and this last week it exploded. That makes me very happy because it has a very beautiful message. If we talk about diversity and inclusion in Hollywood, this movie is the best example,” he told TNT.

For his part, Guillermo del Toro has been posting photos on his social networks inside the award ceremony of the categories that are not being televised.

Carolina Gaitan arrives on the red carpet

Carolina Gaitán, the main voice of No Se Habla de Bruno, Encanto’s song that reached number 1 for five weeks on the Billboard list, is already on the red carpet of the Oscar Awards.

Tonight the Colombian actress and singer will perform the hit song from the Disney movie with Mauro Castillo.

“I was rehearsing so that Dos Oruguitas would not forget me”: Sebastián Yatra

The Colombian singer and interpreter of ‘Dos oruguitas’, nominated for the best song, did not keep his emotion on the red carpet.

Before the cameras of TNT, Yatra pointed out that he has been rehearsing the Encanto song to mechanize it and avoid thinking about its lyrics.

The singer expressed his sadness at the absence of Lin-Manuel Miranda, who canceled his attendance after his wife tested positive for covid-19.

“This presentation is dedicated to him, to Colombia and to all the people who speak Spanish. This language is so beautiful that you don’t need to understand it to feel it,” he said.

María Cecilia Botero, Mauro Castillo and the rest of the cast of ‘Encanto’ arrive at the ceremony

The people behind the Madrigal family are already present on the red carpet. Among them are Mauro Castillo, María Cecilia Botero, Carolina Gaitán and Stephanie Beatriz.

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‘Coda’, best film; Jessica Chastain and Will Smith, best actors