CONFIRM DISMISSALS! Due to low audience, ‘heads roll’ in ‘Hoy Día’ and they dismiss staff, is his time up for Adamari López?

  • Are Adamari López, Chiquibaby, Nacho Lozano and more Hoy Día drivers left without work?
  • The Telemundo program will undergo changes and layoffs begin
  • There is an important reason for the changes: the low rating

When the stage of ‘Un Nuevo Día’ ended, the Telemundo company opted for the new news format that ‘Hoy Día’ currently has, but unfortunately it is not working and the low levels of audience they are going to cause heads to roll and fire show personnel, including Adamari López?

Just started ‘Hoy Día’ in 2021 with the Format new led by Nacho Lozano, Adamari López, Chiquibaby, Nicole Suárez and Arantxa Loizaga when now in less than a year there will be layoffs because it does not raise the rating and the most watched morning is still Despierta América.

Today, is Adamari López left without and joins the dismissals of Telemundo?

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Journalist Mandy Fridmann from ‘The opinion‘She was in charge of announcing that they are already firing people from’ Hoy Día ‘because according to her information this Friday they were already notified that several members of the production team stopped working in the morning.

Among those fired up to this moment of the Telemundo morning, the executive producer Desiree Colomina stands out, who did not manage to give the width to raise the audience of the show that she managed since it was ‘A New Day’, and different names are shuffled to occupy that place .

The rating of ‘Hoy Día’ does not go up. Is Adamari López in danger of being fired from Telemundo?

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The information reported by ‘La Opinion’ is due to the fact that the rating of ‘Hoy Día’ is not high and Despierta América, its direct competition continues to lead the time slot for both, so Telemundo is not happy with this situation and now they will shoot heads of the Adamari López program.

Do not Latinos identify with ‘Hoy Día’? The change in format that the Telemundo morning had in early 2021 was focused on Hispanics who wanted to know the news and current events, but unfortunately the public did not ‘connect’ with the concept so there will be changes.

Weeks ago people asked for ‘the head’ of Adamari López in ‘Hoy Día’

Today Telemundo Adamari López dismissals

However, until now it is known that the drivers, including Adamari López, are not on the tightrope or could be fired, as the changes are more in the production area: “We thank the dismissed employees for their commitment to the show ‘Hoy Día’, ”Telemundo told journalist Mandy Fridmann.

Patsy Loris was one of those in charge of the development of the ‘Hoy Día’ project, and was previously involved in Despierta América, but at that time the show was more newsworthy and it did not manage to stand out in the audience either, so she returned to the concept of more entertainment than news.

Who will enter Hoy Día after the layoffs on Telemundo?

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As is well known, Adamari López and the other drivers will continue to lead ‘Hoy Día’, but the change in production will give it a new dynamic and although they do not want to change the news format, they will probably look for other ways to do it.

According to reports from Javier Ceriani, from Chisme no Like, the new executive producer of ‘Hoy Día’ would be Sabrina Zambrano, who is a collaborator of Patsy Loris, but it is also mentioned that it is not safe, since Telemundo could add the journalist to its ranks Gabriela Tristán, who worked at Univisión.

Are the drivers safe? The next few days will announce more layoffs

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Although the entry of the aforementioned people is not confirmed, it would be one of the two who would act as executive producer of ‘Hoy Día’ and although at least until the closing of this note nothing was said about the drivers, which was warned is that the layoffs are going to continue.

A few weeks ago, Adamari López was the most beloved, but also the favorite of the people to leave the show, while Chiquibaby is busy on maternity leave, while of the other news anchors, it is Nacho Lozano who was taken out of Mexico in Television image to add to ‘Hoy Día’… will they be able to stay?

Do Admari López and Nacho Lozano have a relationship?

Do Admari López and Nacho Lozano have a relationship?
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Is she too flirtatious? The host Adamari López appears cheating on a member of the program’s team Today, and his partner, Nacho Lozano “gets jealous”, and the spoiled little girl quickly goes to console him and fill him with himself, making the comments grow even more that both would look very good if they were a couple.

It is known that Adamari López is one of the Hispanic conductors most loved by the public, and it is that the beautiful Puerto Rican has managed to win the hearts of many of her viewers, who are delighted with the beauty and charisma that Toni Costa’s ex possesses However, it has been that same charisma that has provoked several reactions in this regard.

Does Nacho Lozano get jealous of the same ones that Adamari López does to a partner?

Does Nacho Lozano get jealous of the same ones that he does to a partner?
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Given this, Adamari López has always been characterized by speaking tenderly to his co-workers, calling them in various ways, either “heart”, “my love”, among other tender nicknames that can be highlighted, however, there has been a case That has caused several users to believe that they really have a loving relationship and that is why those pampering existed between them.

It is about the Mexican driver, Nacho Lozano, who since his arrival at the show Telemundo A few months ago, he has not only provoked the admiration of many viewers for his gallantry and intelligence when it comes to carrying the news, but also because many have affirmed that he and Adamari López have something, causing several jealousies among several of his fans. Filed Under: Today Telemundo Day will have changes.

Nacho Lozano jealous of the attitude of Adamari López?

Nacho Lozano jealous of the attitude?
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Although none of these rumors have been confirmed by Adamari López and Nacho Lozano, it has not prevented people from commenting that they would look very good together, since they would make a beautiful couple, and these presenters have shown the great affection and respect that they have because many times they have been seen joking between cuts and programs, something that does not go unnoticed by anyone.

However, there was an occasion where Adamari López ‘went flirtatious’ and provoked the ‘jealousy’ of his partner Nacho Lozano, causing the beautiful Puerto Rican to go to “console him”, unleashing endless comments about it, where they commented that Adamari gave many “cuddles”. Filed Under: Today Telemundo Day will have changes.

“You are not left behind, you are also a delicious little thing”; Adamari López provokes the ‘jealousy’ of his partner Nacho Lozano

"You are not left behind, you are also a delicious little thing"; causes the'jealousy' of his partner Nacho Lozano
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It was through a video published by the Instagram account that is dedicated to uploading content of the Puerto Rican in social networks called @adamarilopeztorres, in this account a video was shared where the 50-year-old presenter appeared wishing everyone a nice day, while flattering to one of the members of the production team.

“Good morning in the morning, I’m here next to Ricky papasito, hottie, who helps us every day to be on time, to be present and to shut up,” said Adamari while kissing the member production, however, what no one expected was that his partner Nacho Lozano was going to get jealous. Filed Under: Today Telemundo Day will have changes.

Why so honeyed ?; Adamari López provokes the ‘jealousy’ of his partner Nacho Lozano

Why so honeyed ?; Adamari López provokes the'jealousy' of his partner Nacho Lozano
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Given these words of Adamari López, a member of the production did, no one expected that it would be his own companion, Nacho Lozano, who would get “jealous” to laugh at the words that the Puerto Rican said; “Bombín chuleria?” he laughs, causing Adamari to quickly go to “comfort” him.

With words that are also very flirtatious, the ex of Toni Costa replied to Nacho Lozano: “He laughs but he is not far behind, this is a daddy, a delicious, delicious thing,” says the host as she approached Nacho and began it to embrace and fill with pampering, this provoked in the Mexican a dowry of pride. YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HERE Some images of this note come from the following video

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CONFIRM DISMISSALS! Due to low audience, ‘heads roll’ in ‘Hoy Día’ and they dismiss staff, is his time up for Adamari López?