Confirmed: Adamari López was admitted to the hospital for COVID

Adamari López in the hospital for COVID.

Adamari López in the hospital for COVID.

Photo: Adamari López/Facebook / Courtesy

Confirmed: Adamari Lopez was admitted to the hospital for COVID… She herself reported it and showed it in a video that she shared on her Facebook account.

Earlier we told you that Adamari uploaded a video to his Instagram account where he was at home, with Toni Costa, doing an antigen test and a PCR with an outpatient laboratory. There he told that he felt much better, and although in the result of the rapid had still given her positive, she was looking forward to being negative soon.

As if it were a different story, or another chapter of it, On the night of the same Monday, that is, hours later, Ada shared a video on her Facebook account, where she confesses that she was hospitalized for three days in the hospitalHe, apparently preemptively given his background, to receive intravenous treatment for COVID.

“Fortunately, I am leaving feeling much better, it has been several days since I tested positive for COVID… I confused it as if it were a very bad cold, but Taking the necessary precautionary measures, talking with my doctors and my medical team, we made the decision to enter the hospital and treat me based on the symptoms I had.”, began by explaining in the video, now from home.

“Remember that About three years ago I had influenza, and I found myself in very poor health, in a very difficult state, and with the concern that it would be the same for me, taking into account the symptoms that could be similar, we made the decision to go to the hospital“, continued Adamari.

I’m still positive for COVID, but I feel much better, the treatment worked very well for me, I was there for 3 days and today I feel much better… I am waiting for two tests in a row to come out negative, none have come out yet, and as I go through the tests I will let you know because I am eager to return to work and continue life, ”she continued.

Ada said that she believes it was her daughter who infected her, since she was the first to test positive for COVID, however, in less than two days she was already negative.

Alaïta is fine, we understand that she was the one who infected me, that she has caught him in one of the school activities he does, or extracurricular, because she was the first to present symptoms, but she came out negative quickly… So I came out positive“, he detailed.

After explaining detail by detail how his days were, She said goodbye by sharing a video that she made herself in the hospital, from the bed where she was admitted and receiving the treatment that even caused a reaction in his arm, forming a ball.



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Confirmed: Adamari López was admitted to the hospital for COVID