Consuelo Duval presumed that her son helped in a car accident: “I raised this hero alone”

Consuelo Duval shared that her son helped in a car accident

Consuelo Duval presumed that his son, Michel Duval, helped in the rescue of some people during a car crash.

It was through your account Instagram where the comedian delved into the fact that some users began to share some audiovisuals about a rollover in the middle of an avenue main street of an unknown street.

“I did not understand very well why they had sent me those videos, I must confess that my belly sank.. The first thing I felt was a lot of gratitude seeing those two heroes who stopped in their tracks to rescue the victims of the accident,” he wrote.

In addition, Comfort mentioned that a woman and a child were extracted from the car and no injuries were reported, but when he realized that one of the people who appeared in the audiovisual was her son was stunned.

“I saw how the boy (flexible) rescued a princess (injured) and a little boy (injured) Thank God there were no injuries… But when I read the text that accompanied these videos… I even got married… Thank your son for rescuing those little ones… And if he is my son (sic) ”, he commented.

The actress was proud to be a mother (Photo: screenshot/YouTube)
The actress was proud to be a mother (Photo: screenshot/YouTube)

The also actress resumed the commemoration of International Women’s Day to rescue how proud she felt to be Michel’s mother and see the person she has become.

I’m not surprised daddy @mich_duval ever since you were born you’ve been a HERO!! Here in Argentina it is already International Women’s Day. I love, respect, admire and bless you OF COURSE YOU CAN I raised this hero alone because I have a superpower #I’m a Woman “, she wrote.

Internet users were quick to react to it and some collaborators of the show filled the comment box with congratulations.

“Applause, what pride and of course he was well educated by you, so applause for both of them”, placed Cynthia Urías.

In addition, Ana Bárbara rescued: “What a beautiful soul!” to which Carlos Rivera added: “Wow! Bravo to Mich and to you for the education you gave him”.

Just in January 2022, Consuelo Duval had her birthday and received all kinds of congratulations from her relatives in the middle, including Eugenio Derbez.

Consuelo Duval's son is an actor and singer (Photo: Ig mich_duval)
Consuelo Duval’s son is an actor and singer (Photo: Ig mich_duval)

Today is this woman’s birthday, nothing normal. It’s intense, cheesy and loud. When she laughs she looks like she swallowed Chucky but he also has a huge heart. If life gave me the opportunity to choose her as a life sister… I would do it again. I adore you!” she wrote her back then.

His congratulations reached more than 500 thousand “likes””, in addition to hundreds of comments from fans who applauded and laughed at Derbez’s words, congratulated both on their friendship and even revived some of the famous phrases that the actors said as a couple Q. Fight.

For his part, Duval responded in the comments section with a “I adore you” which reached more than 3 thousand “likes”.

Michel Dussauge, better known as Michel Duval, He studied his career at the Center for Artistic Education of Televisa, as well as at the American Academy. Among some of the telenovelas in which he has participated are the unforgivable and Dare to dream.

He also participated in the series Last year from mtv latin america where I quickly gain more fame.


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Consuelo Duval presumed that her son helped in a car accident: “I raised this hero alone”