Consuelo Duval shows off her new boyfriend and they tell her “until it was done to you”

Consuelo Duval shows off her new boyfriend and they tell her “until it was done to you”Well, with a tremendous kiss, he confirmed that “El Donovan” is his new partner and the comments did not wait.

Undoubtedly Consuelo Duval has become one of the Mexican actresses most beloved, because although she has shown her skills as an actress, it is the comedic roles that have given her a privileged place before the audience.

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Characters like “Federica P.luche” and “Nacaranda” They are already part of popular culture and it is precisely on the skin of the famous “Nacaranda” where he has once again felt the famous butterflies in his stomach, by spilling honey next to “The Donovan”, character played by Emmanuel Palomares in the new series of the actress and that promises to make them forget the peculiar “cheer”, who was embodied by Adrian Uribe.

It was a few hours ago when Consuelo Duval She reappeared on social networks dressed in animal print from head to toe, with her characteristic hairstyle and in the middle of a kiss with “El Donovan”, making it clear that she regretted breaking the hearts of those who were lining up.

Own Emmanuel Palomares replied “You have me like a frying pan on the fire” and the 22-year age difference did not matter, because “Nakranda” and “El Donovan” have become the couple of the moment, the publication has been filled with comments where the followers of Consuelo the They congratulate and even say that they are envious.

Consuelo Duval, a brilliant and self-confident woman

Although it is a fictional romancewhat is true is the friendship that unites Consuelo Duval Y Emmanuel Palomareswhich has shone in the actor’s appearances in “Divine Net” and even the actress’s son, Mich Duvalhas joked calling Emmanuel his “new dad”.

With this image, Consuelo Duval confirms the return of his iconic character, this after spending a season in Argentina working on a new project. “Netas Divinas” has also been reinstated and both Daniela Magun, Paola Rojas and Natalia Tellez They couldn’t be happier to have their friend back.

At 53 years old, Consuelo Duval She shines as a successful actress, a brilliant woman and a dedicated mother who recognizes that she lost a lot of time with her children to forge her career, but who at the same time has no regrets because she always showed them the importance of self-love.

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Consuelo Duval shows off her new boyfriend and they tell her “until it was done to you”