Costume duel: Yanet García vs. Karla Souza

Approaches Halloween and celebrities have taken advantage of the countdown of this tradition to show off their best fancy dress and, why not ?, draw several sighs among his admirers in the social networks.

In this duel two famous beauties faced each other: Yanet García and Karla Souza, who showed off with their creativity, sensuality and ingenuity and who definitely showed us that they can look sexy with whatever outfit they choose.

On Last we present these originals fancy dress with those who turned on the temperature of the social networks And that we know will make you feel indecisive or indecisive when choosing who looks sexier.

(Photo: Instagram @iamyanetgarcia and @karlasouza)

Waste of sensuality

Yanet García and Karla Souza They are two of the most attractive celebrities in the middle of the show. Their talent and beauty have placed them among the favorites of social media users.

Both share a taste for leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit with exercise routines, a fact that has given them the pleasure of showing off a spectacular figure, even more so with these. Halloween costumes.

Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia does not stop delighting his 14.2 million followers with his sensual figure and for this Halloween has not been the exception. The model and television presenter wore a costume of sexy little witch, but he added his very personal touch.

yanet-garcia.jpeg (Photo: Instagram @iamyanetgarcia)

A set of black lingerie and a pair of high socks, very ad hoc with Halloween, they were enough for Yanet will captivate your admirers. The model added to her witch costume a hat and a broom to give it more characterization.

With this costume paralyzed the social networks and his followers did not hesitate to thank him for sharing such impressive photographs. And it is not surprising, as the 30-year-old model has a shapely figure that captures the gaze of anyone who sees her.

yanet-garcia-1.jpeg (Photo: Instagram @iamyanetgarcia)

Karla Souza

The temperature increased more when the actress of film, theater and television Karla Souza shared his Halloween costume inspired by one of the sexiest characters in Marvel.

In this duel of fancy dress, Karla decided to reincarnate Natasha Romanoff, played by Scarlett Johansson in the newly released movie “Black Widow” or “The Black Widow.” And, just like in the original version, Souza looked sexy in her costume.

karla-souza.jpeg (Photo: Instagram @karlasouza)

Karla was invited to a special episode of Halloween of the television program Home Economics, where the theme was to dress up as superheroes or heroines, so the actress chose to show off her figure in the costume of the black widow.

In the style of Natasha Romanoff, Souza She overflowed sensuality with a fitted costume that highlighted her curvy figure. In addition, she hinted that being a redhead would not make her feel bad at all.

karla-souza-1.jpeg (Photo: Instagram @karlasouza)

Determine who looks more sexy in this costume duel it is undoubtedly a very difficult task, since both Yanet Garcia What Karla Souza They impacted their followers with so much waste of sensuality and creativity when choosing their outfits for Halloween.

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Costume duel: Yanet García vs. Karla Souza