COVID KILLS IT! 35-year-old actor dies at the hands of the coronavirus; his father, also an actor, fights for his hospitalized life (PHOTOS)

  • Victim of Covid, actor Andrés Restrepo dies
  • His cousin talks about Andrés’ artistic career
  • His father, actor Fabio Restrepo, is in the ICU

Actor Andrés Restrepo dies. Sadly, the SARS-COV-2 virus continues to claim the lives of thousands of people, on this occasion, the 35-year-old actor named Andrés Restrepo, who was a participant in productions such as ‘Escobar, el Patrón del Mal’. According to various reports, the actor passed away this Sunday, January 23.

Meanwhile, his father Fabio Restrepo is still in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The unfortunate news was announced by a close relative of his, who used the Twitter social network to publish some photographs, along with a farewell message…

Actor Andrés Restrepo dies: His cousin communicated his departure

Actor Andres Restrepo dies
PHOTO: Twitter

On Twitter, the cousin of the actor Andrés Restrepo, Yeison Henao, made the situation known, said announcement was made at 11:09 AM, and decided to post two photos of Andrés, followed by a farewell message to the one who was his cousin. . This was exactly what he wrote:

““Talented independent producer, cousin of mine, who dies from COVID-19, Andrés Restrepo, great producer and actor. His legacy will be on display forever. I appreciate your support in cultural management. Strength to my uncle’s family,” Yeison said on Twitter.

He showed his cousin photos of Andrés’s acting career

Actor Andres Restrepo dies
PHOTO: Twitter

In addition to said announcement, his cousin also continued with the Twitter thread where he published some photos of the actor to remember him, where he showed some images in the acting and artistic field of Andrés. Many followers began sending messages of condolences.

Covid-19 continues to mourn families and grow without man being able to find an antidote to destroy it, Covid-19 is the same devil and millions of people in the world indifferent to this”, “What sad news. God grant him eternal rest and strengthen and comfort your loved ones”, “Peace and strength for all those close to you”, “Rest in peace. a pity”.

Actor Andrés Restrepo dies: A bit of Andrés’s career

Actor Andres Restrepo dies
PHOTO: Twitter

The 35-year-old Mexican actor, in addition to dedicating himself to acting, also moved on the production side, as he worked with his father Fabio Restrepo in the production of various projects. Andrés had been in the clinic since December 29, due to COVID-19.

Andrés and his wife were expecting a baby, according to the portal ‘El Universal’, the actor was participating in small screen projects, as great, such as Millionaire talent in 2017, The queen of flow, Without breasts there is no paradise, Escobar, the pattern of evil and The Selection 2, among others.

Actor Andrés Restrepo dies: Friend of the actor remembers his career

Actor Andres Restrepo dies
PHOTO: Twitter

“Leave only joy and a great legacy of talent and expressiveness. I have known Andrés for ten years, we talked a lot, he was a brother to me, he was a wonderful being and a great actor and producer”, these are some of the words that his friend Felipe Giraldo dedicated to him.

According to information from El Universal, Felipe spoke about the preparation that Andrés obtained in the course of his life, which he comments, that studied dramatic art in Spain, he was also highly appreciated by his family, he was even considered a leader by family and friends.

Actor Andrés Restrepo dies: How is Fabio’s health?

PHOTO: Instagram

The truth is that little is known about how his father is currently, what is a fact is that he must be devastated after the loss of his son. Fabio was also infected, but according to El Universal, Mauricio Restrepo, his son, reported that it is evolving little by little.

The journalist, Carlos Ochoa, reported on the news that the actor was hospitalized due to health complications from Covid-19. “Force @fabiorestrepoactor I hope you get out of the #uci very soon and overcome this terrible #covid_19 a lot of strength #fabiorestrepo #actor, ”Ochoa wrote on Instagram.

Anti-vaccine singer dies from Covid

PHOTO: Twitter

Another case that has impacted is that of the Czech folk singer Hanna Horká, who died last Sunday at the age of 57, according to various reports, the interpreter contracted the covid-19 virus as a result of avoiding the vaccination, his son Jan Rek told the BBC. Hanna, I was against the drug.

The singer’s son and her husband were vaccinated, and both became infected with covid during Christmas. Hanna, instead of staying away from her son and her husband to avoid contracting the disease, contracted the virus very strongly and that is why it got complicated. “He should have been isolated for a week because my father and I tested positive. But he was with us the whole time,” said Rek, his son.

“It started to feel weird”

PHOTO: Twitter

According to the BBC, the singer did not get seriously ill at first, according to her son, her mother was feeling a little better, Rek even narrates that she prepared herself, the day she died, to go for a walk. Minutes later Hanna began to have pains in her back, which prevented her from continuing with her plans.

“His philosophy was that he was more in agreement with the idea of ​​contracting covid to get vaccinated I did not believe in that they put a microchip on us or anything like that, “added the son of the late singer, making it clear that his mother did not think of strange theories about the vaccine.

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COVID KILLS IT! 35-year-old actor dies at the hands of the coronavirus; his father, also an actor, fights for his hospitalized life (PHOTOS)