Cristian Castro shares details of how he celebrated the birthday of his mother, Verónica Castro

This October 19 Veronica Castro became a trend in social media because of his birthday, a date when he received many displays of affection from fans and family who used this medium to wish you a happy day. Without a doubt, the most special congratulations he received was one from Colombia, where his granddaughter resides. Rafaela who, as a birthday present he sang Las Mañanitas, a melody that he sang and played on a piano, showing the histrionic talent that he possesses. Later, his son, Cristian castro, He also used Instagram to post a couple of photos of the intimate celebration that the presenter starred in.

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With two images, Cristian shared a bit of how the celebration of The Vero who for this birthday wore a look that impressed his followers: “More beautiful than ever mother. Happy Birthday!”, wrote the singer next to a picture where the birthday girl appears sitting, while he and his brother, Michel, surround her. According to the photo, it was captured in a restaurant where the singer decided to enjoy a dinner in the company of her children. Although Cristian was in Europe a few weeks ago, the singer traveled to meet his mother on this important date.

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In this photo you can see that, for this birthday, Verónica debuted a makeover at the her curls were the center of attention: “My Archduchess”Cristian wrote in another photo where he appears next to the birthday girl who reaches her new age more beautiful than ever. In this picture also It is appreciated that, on the table where they dined, there is a bag of Tom ford that, it is presumed it was the gift of the singer who recently traveled to Italy to meet Pope Francis.

The memory of the Pope for La Vero

During an interview with Windowing, Cristian Castro revealed that, during his visit to the Vatican and his meeting with Pope Francis, who selected him to interpret two musicalized poems, he gave him a gift from La Vero whom the Supreme Pontiff recognized for his work in soap operas: “When I met him I was able to give him a gift from my mother, a Virgin of Guadalupe, and I told him: ‘Verónica Castro sends it to you, Mariana from The rich also cry. See if you remember her. ‘ She said yes and gave me a Rosary: ​​’Please give it to her’ and it was the most tremendous moment for me “, said the singer.

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Cristian Castro revealed that for him this trip was very special, especially because he knows how important her faith is for Verónica Castro. As he recalled, it was the Pope who chose him to invite him to travel to the Vatican: “The Pope had some phrases and the businessman offered to put music on them. I was very surprised, I am flattered and with a tremendous honor that Pope Francis chose my voice for these songs ”, commented the singer who performed at this private event at the Vatican on September 21.

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Cristian Castro shares details of how he celebrated the birthday of his mother, Verónica Castro