Cristina Eustace and Christian de la Campa, friends or boyfriends?

Cristina Eustace and Christian de la Campa, friends or boyfriends?

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Cristina Eustace and Christian de la Campa.

Crisina Eustace made it very clear on her social networks. She and Christian de la Campa are getting to know each other in “our surroundings”. Something that has created a flood of comments against her and has a lot of confusion between the status of their relationship.

The truth is that since the couple left La Casa de los Famosos, many of their followers want to know if they are still together or if they are finished. When the Telemundo show ended, it seemed that the romance was going from strength to strength when they went out together in bed the next time La Casa de los Famosos ended. Cristina sang “Happy Birthday” to her in the video she posted on her Instagram. Below you can see it. So his followers expected to see more of this pair. But it has not been that way.

Therefore, the followers of the singer and fourth finalist of The House of Fame, have asked him if Christian “already left her because he got tired of her”, according to reports Telemundo.

Upon receiving all kinds of messages, Cristina reacted on her networks at minute 26:26 saying the following: “Unfortunately, many people are bad… bullying has not affected me so much, so many people [loca]. But there are people who take things very differently. I’m not going to talk about my friendship, because remember this. Cristian and I have already said it, since we were inside [de la casa de los famosos] we are friends. Oses we are getting to know each other in our environment. I really don’t know if you have seen me but I work [mucho]. I’m traveling a lot because I have to take advantage of all this noise. So right now I am focused on my work. Obviously he is pending… there is a very nice surprise for the virgin. It is always pending. And that’s the only thing I’m going to talk about him. I’m not going to talk about anything else because it’s the best. And if you say that ‘whether or not I’m with him’ I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care. Think whatever. I have him I love him very much. I love him very much, I want him to succeed. I prefer to maintain my relationship with Christian, so I no longer have anything to do with this because everyone has their life, everyone has their career. Neither he is going to take advantage of mine nor am I going to take advantage of his. Everyone has their career … unfortunately there are very bad people and they are bullying and saying things and I also have to protect Andres [mi hijo]. Please support [a Christian] because he is a good person… I am going to keep my friendship with Christian in private because we are friends ”.

“Friends with benefits”commented a follower to Christina’s video. While another added: “Friends do not kiss on the mouth.”

While others defend her: “How well they say [en darse] the opportunity to meet but without offending anyone. You are you and love yourselves if you have to ”. “Don’t give explanations! People will always comment well or badly if it works for them, that is good and if not, then that’s life, be happy and forget about people, focus on yours and that’s it! ”, Added another.

In an interview with TVyNovelas, Christian said the following at the end of November: “When Cristina injured her hand, I wanted to be empathetic… within all that coexistence the spark of love was given and we agreed inside that outside we were going to make friends and continue to frequent each other. It depends on the agenda of each person. We are distanced from each other, but we do continue to write to each other from a distance ”.

At this time Christian could be part of a new project by Salvador Mejía.

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Cristina Eustace and Christian de la Campa, friends or boyfriends?