Cristina Eustace criticizes Manelyk’s behavior

Cristina Eustace criticizes Manelyk


The Mexican singer attacks Manelyk

the drama of The House of the Famous does not stop, although this successful season has already ended, there are many controversies that continue to arise. In this opportunity the rivalry between Cristina Eustace and Manelyk, the singer assured that the influencer is an aggressive woman.

After the end of the show, several stars have given interviews and talk about their experience during their stay in the house, which kept the 16 participants locked up and under constant surveillance. Through her social networks, Cristina made an Instagram Live where she expressed what she felt for Manelyk.

Cristina calls Mane aggressive and Ella answers calling her dumb🔥🔥Controversy on instagram, MANE answers Cristina very angry #lcdlf #mane #mane #manelik #LCDLF #cristina #cristinaeustace2021-12-07T02:25:02Z

Manelyk was classified by Eustace as an aggressive woman, which is why the star of social networks decided to respond to her, leaving her fans with their mouths open.

Eustace assured that Mane’s behavior stems from everything she has experienced in her past “I esteem her, appreciate her, respect her because she had a really badass past. She is trying to clean up her image for so many things that she talked about all the reality shows that she has lived. That’s why she is aggressive, she (Mane) was aggressive with me and I felt it, “said the artist.

Given these statements, Mane did not remain silent and uploaded several stories to her Instagram account where she talks about double-faced people, although she did not mention Eustace’s name, the message was addressed to her. “I just saw a pathetic video of my teammates talking about me and my performance cha cha cha. I do not need to clean any image my love. If I bother you so much or if you want to talk bad about me so much, why the hell are you writing to me? That, ‘My queen let’s see each other’. That is, the hypocrisy to a thousand by a thousand”.

This was not all, Manelyk decided to make an obscene sign with his finger, a way to respond to all the retractors of his career, as this symbol was directed at Eustace. Without a doubt, the controversy between the participants of La Casa de Los Famosos does not stop and they are always on the table.

Cristina calls Mane aggressive and Ella answers calling her dumb🔥🔥Controversy on instagram, MANE answers Cristina very angry #lcdlf #mane #mane #manelik #LCDLF #cristina #cristinaeustace2021-12-07T02:25:02Z

Eustace jealous of Manelyk

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In La Casa de los Famosos many encounters and also rivalries were seen, this time the singer Cristina Eustace is jealous of Mane, after she confirmed her closeness to the actor Mexican Christian de la Campa. Eustace thinks that Manelyk wanted to take the actor away from him, assuring that the influencer is an opportunist.

Although there is only one friendship between them, the singer clarified this. Likewise, she declared that they are barely getting to know each other in her environment, she assured that she works a lot and that prevents her from having more contact with the actor, after passing through the mansion, Eustace made it clear that between her and her compatriot there is nothing more than a friendship, despite their encounters and closeness during the show.

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Cristina Eustace criticizes Manelyk’s behavior