Cristina Pedroche takes off her clothes fed up with her haters

MADRID, SPAIN - NOVEMBER 26: Cristina Pedroche presents Intimina & # 39; s results of a survey about menstruation at Margarete Studio on November 26, 2020 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Pablo Cuadra / FilmMagic)

Cristina Pedroche returns to give a lesson in naked freedom in Madrid (Photo by Pablo Cuadra / FilmMagic)

Chef Dabiz Muñoz’s wife has done it again. Cristina Pedroche is on everyone’s lips before the New Year’s Eve Chimes and it is that the dress that she will wear always generates an inordinate expectation.

But, before the ‘top secret’ outfit is known on the night of December 31, the television collaborator has been in charge of ‘priming’ well what will be her participation in the New Year’s Eve gala with a video that she has published in their social networks.

In the short of less than a minute, Cristina brings back the eternal debate on the objectification of women of which many accuse her and she does so using the typical Internet hater message in private message format.

“You are going to undress again to get attention. What’s the matter? Don’t you know how to do something else? “ it reads on the screen while Pedroche gets out of a taxi in the heart of Madrid. She, with her flowing hair, a white winter coat and an LBD (a short black dress) shakes her head in the plan ‘more of the same’.

But, with an empowered and determined attitude, without caring what they will say and surrounded by curious passersby who look at her and even record with their mobile phones, the wife of the renowned chef begins to remove her clothes while walking to the Plaza del Sol.

Completely naked, she smiles at the sculpture of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree while her genitals and breasts are covered by a sign that says “Ten days left.” In the background a voice is heard shouting “What are you going to Pedroche?” and she does not flinch.

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The video ends with an enigmatic “will continue … on December 23” so there will be more parts of this succulent story that surely has already caught the fans (and haters) of Pedroche. Over the years, the brunette has defended her feminist position a lot from the freedom to choose what she does with her body and whether she shows it or not.

The moral norms have always pointed out that a woman who undresses or dresses sexy is a shameless one and even a “hooker” who provokes men. In fact, Every year Cristina is accused of promoting that image of a vase woman It is there to make beautiful and not to show his talent, however, Pedroche can do everything and it is that, in addition to creating an audience with his physique and his outfit, he has also made it more than clear that he has plenty of professional talent.

Cristina Pedroche’s personal brand in networks and television is closely linked to healthy life, fashion and why deny it the Chimes. A few days before the final bell of 2021, the young woman and her partner have registered their surname as a gastronomic brand through one of her husband Dabiz’s companies, perhaps for some future plan that we still do not know.

The chef himself has specifically registered “La Pedroche” to add said brand and its use to the high-end gourmet universe that it offers in DiverXO with its two Michelin stars. So this mystery also joins the expected look of Cristina who, for now, we can see without clothes in the middle of Madrid.

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Cristina Pedroche takes off her clothes fed up with her haters