Cruz Martínez talks about his relationship with Arturo Carmona: “He’s a good guy”

Last January, Arthur Carmonaex-husband of Alicia Villarreal, and Cruz Martinezsurprised the appear together at a press conference to announce that they would be partners in the concert series for the return of Kumbia Kings.

At that time they affirmed that they are “friends” and now Martínez spoke about what he thinks of his wife’s ex.

“The truth [le] I am very confident and he is a good guy. When there is respect and love, everything is possible,” she said on the “Ventaneando” program on May 11.

The dumbbell between Arturo Carmona and Cruz Martínez

The member of Kumbia Kings explained how it happened that both decided to work together and confessed that it was the actor who searched for him.

It was something very naturalwe have known each other all our lives, I get along with their parents, we greet each other” and added that for people “it is not common or normal” for a person’s current partner to get along with their ex. “There is a respect and we always have the same goal, to have harmony in the home, in the family,” he said on the Mexican show.

It was Arturo who contacted him to work together on the Kumbia Kings shows: “He called me to tell me that he was interested in the Arena to do the direct event with me, it was natural […] It is a very good dumbbell and well the results of the Arena were ‘sold out'”, he said regarding the presentations in Monterrey, Mexico

Zero rivalry between Arturo Carmona and Cruz Martínez

“In a moment I I asked my daughter’s mother to see her in those years and she tells me ‘Call me tomorrow at 3 in the afternoon'”, he told ‘Ventaneando’ in an interview presented on January 19.

When making the call, he never imagined who would answer him: ” Cruz answers me, that was my first verbal contact with Cruz,” the actor said, “I said, ‘Hello Cruz, how are you? This is Arthur.'” “Ah, Hi Arthur, nice to meet you!How are you?” the music producer replied.

“Hey, Alicia told me to call at three in the afternoon to go pick up my daughter,” Carmona continued about that conversation. “Is that what Alice told you? how weird because we are getting married right now in two hours,” recalled Carmona.

“I understood, (Alicia Villarreal) did quite wellnever what I have discussed with Alicia because I think it was something quite intelligent because put me in contact with him“, he assured. “From there, I’m talking about the day they got married, from then on we had a friendshiplet’s say it like that,” the actor shared on the show.


Cruz Martínez is the producer of the release of Melenie Carmona

Alicia Villarreal and Arturo Carmona had a daughter, Melenie, who is currently 22 years old.

The young lady is already preparing what will be her first record production and her stepfather, Cruz Martínez, is attentive to every detail.

“She’s writing a lot, most of her project is lyrics from her […] The truth is that we are working on what it means to create this different musical identity, let it be its own sound”, he told ‘Ventaneando’.

In addition, Cruz assures that he has talent and is surprised by the lyrics he writes, even, he has already been in charge of putting a melody to some of his songs.

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Cruz Martínez talks about his relationship with Arturo Carmona: “He’s a good guy”