Cuban actor Erdwin Fernández arrives in Miami

Erdwin Fernandez He is in Miami with his wife, as confirmed by a photo published by the actor on his profile on Facebook this Sunday.

In the image you can see him in the vicinity of the Ermita de la Caridad del Cobre next to the poster of “Homeland and Life” which is located in the boardwalk area.

“Happy Theater Day to all my Cuban friends. God bless you always”, he wrote next to the photo in reference to the day of the Cuban Theater, celebrated on January 22.

(Photo: Facebook/Erdwin Fernandez)

Even if The actor did not refer directly to his arrival in the United States, in the comments to the publication he confirmed that he is in Miami and thanked the displays of affection and words of welcome from dozens of followers and friends.

Cuban actors such as Larisa Vega, Ketty de la Iglesia or Roberto San Martín congratulated him and wished him much success.

Several of the published comments suggest that it could be a definitive trip. However, so far the Cuban actor has not confirmed whether his stay in Miami is temporary or not. CyberCuba has contacted Erdwin Fernández with a view to specifying this information, without him having replied until the closing of this note.

In recent years, the actor has been openly critical of the Cuban government. In November, openly condemned acts of repudiation that were carried out on the island against those who publicly expressed their intention to participate in the Civic March for Change on November 15.

The actor said that those who orchestrate these acts of repudiation are more cowardly and abhorrent than those who carry them out because “they are incapable of standing up for even more cowards, and happy to see how their pawns or slaves carry out their orders.”

In May, as a result of the controversy generated by the musical collaboration between Leoni Torres and Willy Chirino, Erdwin Fernández asked that “the political panic” and the contempt for Cuban professionals and artists for living and working where and with whom they decide.


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