Cuban announcer and actor Jorge Luis Sopo dies at 48

The announcer, actor and director Cuban radio Jorge Luis Sopo Lorenzana died on the afternoon of December 7, according to ACTUAR, the Performing Arts Artistic Agency, which He did not specify the cause of the death.

“Sopo, as he was known by everyone in the artistic world, was a professional devoted entirely to radio, a medium that made it his own, like his home. The radio stations Radio Progreso, Radio Taíno and the production company Radio Arte received him with open doors thanks to his excellent talent, voice and diction, as well as his ability to direct actors ”, highlighted ACTUAR.

In the field of performing arts, Sopo Lorenzana worked, among other projects, with the Vilá Proyects Jazz Company, from the Havana Theater Center, on the play “Los Entremeses de Cervantes”.

“Many were the plans truncated in the best moment of his life, when he had a promising future ahead of him. Death took him from us, it is true, but instead he left us his legacy, his laughter and sense of humor “, He concluded the Cuban agency actors.

A publication by Rioger Guilarte in the aforementioned social network reveals that Jorge Luis Sopo Lorenzana would have died as a result of “kidney failure.”

“Like me, Jorge went through a process of COVID first and then dengue. I blame myself for not having investigated the reason for his silence when I sent the congratulatory message for the Day of the speaker. Now I know. Sopo was dying … escaping all this shit leaving empty. Wherever you are, my friend. Forgive me … “he said Guilarte.

Cuban announcer was also fired with “Deep regret” by the radio station Radio Taíno, a group of which he was a member for several years.

“He gave voice to programs like Oasis de domingo, in which he achieved an insurmountable connection with his audience; to the magazine De Mañana and Éxitos y leyendas ”, recalled the aforementioned station, which noted that the late announcer also recorded messages of public good, publicity and that he was part of several magazines and special programs.

In addition to his work at Radio Taíno, Jorge Luis Sopo He also collaborated with the radio station Radio Progreso, participated in dramatized spaces and was a presenter and director of regular programs.

“Shocked, sad… still unable to believe it. The death of this friend, good friend, intelligent, cultured and one of the gifts that life had given me as a valuable human being, “wrote the popular Cuban actor Hector Noas.

“What injustice your game, all you had to offer at an age where projects are an illusion on the horizon. I’ll miss much your intelligent conversations almost daily. It was a ritual. Thank you for what you gave. Hug especially your mom. Now you light! “He added.

“An intelligent, shrewd man, a lover of perfection, a scathing critic -of the bad and the good-. A tireless worker, capable of overcoming all the challenges in the work of La Radio, from dramaturgy to the most exalted journalism. He has just finished leave to eternity one of the essentials of our beloved Radio Progreso Station. Rest in peace, dear colleague and friend Jorge Luis Sopo Lorenzana, “wrote the journalist from Radio Progreso, Orlando Ocaña Gómez.

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Cuban announcer and actor Jorge Luis Sopo dies at 48