Cynthia Rodríguez impacted with her dress at the Radio Awards

Cynthia Rodríguez stood out in the "Radio Awards" (Photo: Instagram / @ vaniama Makeup)
Cynthia Rodríguez stood out at the “Radio Awards” (Photo: Instagram / @ vaniama Makeup)

The famous Cynthia Rodriguez shocked with a beautiful see-through dress on the red carpet of los Radio Awards 2021 in which also She participated as a host with Capi Pérez, Laura G, Anette Cuburu, among others.

The piece was designed by Víctor and Jesse, who are recognized for their work with different figures from the show business such as Esmeralda Ugalde, Yuri, Alejandra Guzmán and many more.

It is a ball gown translucent maxi, embroidery of thousands of golden pieces and sequins that covered only strategic parts of the statuesque silhouette of Cynthia, who revealed her tiny waist.

In order not to detract from the garment, the famous woman wore a slightly simple but very elegant hairstyle in a low and straight ponytail, which helped to clear her face and allowed her delicate snake-shaped earrings to show off. As for her makeup, she showed a “smoking eyes” and a lipstick with a nude tone, it was in charge of Bere de la Rosa.

The host had an impact with her look (Photo: Instagram / @ cynoficial)
The host had an impact with her look (Photo: Instagram / @ cynoficial)

The television presenter shared on her Instagram account a bit of the night she lived last Wednesday during the awards ceremony for the best of music with an incredible photo that hours after it was published reached more than 88 thousand “likes” and many comments where they praised her beauty.

“Uffff”, “Beautiful my friend always, wow”, “You are very beautiful”, “You are a goddessaa”, “Step on my face please”, “You are unreal”, “Impressively beautiful”, “How is it possible that you are so cute? ”,“ Disney lost a princess ”,“ My mother gave me life and you wanted to live it ”,“ Shining as always ”, were some of the words that her fans dedicated to her.

His followers also made some comparisons with the style of Kendall Jenner, because the influencer is characteristic of wearing this type of dress and recently in the Met Gala 2021 used a similar oneThe difference is that it had star-shaped crystal applications and was inspired by Audrey Hepburn.

On the other hand, netizens made it clear that her boyfriend Carlos Rivera placeholder image he did not write to her in his last post as he normally does in other images. Let us remember that the singers have been in a relationship for almost 5 years and have always tried to be discreet, despite that they do not have any photos together but several of their publications have been commented on.

Netizens compared Cynthia's style to Kendall Jenner's (Photos: Reuters - @cynoficial / IG)
Netizens compared Cynthia’s style to Kendall Jenner’s (Photos: Reuters – @cynoficial / IG)

Cynthia has distinguished herself within the program Come the joy as one of the “best dressed” of the week, so in the middle of this ceremony would be no exception. A few days ago a controversy was generated by the absence of the famous in said program and several speculated that he might have given up the morning or that worse still, he had gone to Televisa.

It is important to mention that Rodríguez has been working in Aztec TV, rose to fame in 2005 when she joined as a contestant on The academy where it obtained the fifth place. Later the television station opened its doors to join other great projects such as Star Challenge 2 in 2006, The great challenge in 2009, Quite a show from 2018 to 2019 and also participated in different soap operas.

It was not actually featured on various broadcasts produced by Dio Lluberes because he was preparing in the trials of the aforementioned Radio Awards.


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Cynthia Rodríguez impacted with her dress at the Radio Awards