Dalma Maradona recalled the fights with her father and revealed the reasons why she has no relationship with her brothers

The daughter of Diez and Claudia Villafañe recognized that during her adolescence she had some disagreements with the soccer star

Wednesday night Dalma Maradona opened the guest segment in The LAM Armyand kept a hand in hand with Ángel de Brito where he did not dodge any questions. The actress she is in the fifth month of her second pregnancy, and said that she is excited about the arrival of the new member of the family that she formed with Andrés Caldarelli. After the good news, she also delved into the reasons that distanced her from her brothers and the relationship she had with her father in recent years.

The eldest daughter of Diego Armando Maradona He sat in the living room of the brand new cycle that is broadcast on the screen of America, and even spoke by telephone with his mother, Claudia Villafane during the interview segment. At one point in the conversation, the driver went to the personal level to consult him about the link he had with the soccer star: “Is there anything left to say to your dad?”.

“No, I talked a lot with my dad, all the time, always. People say: ‘You played so many songs when you were little’, and yes, the truth is, because I had any doubts and went and asked him. Both he and my mother tried to explain to me what I wanted to know, they put it in age-appropriate words that I could understand at the time,” Dalma responded without hesitation.

Dalma Maradona's tender childhood postcard with her father, which the actress shared on her networks some time ago
Dalma Maradona’s tender childhood postcard with her father, which the actress shared on her networks some time ago

And Diego explained to you?”, De Brito retorted. “Yes, re, always; in fact many times he fought me because I told him what I thoughtbut after a while he told me: ‘The truth is you’re right, forgive me for such a thing’. I never apologized to him for anything, but he did many times”, he confessed. When asked about the possibility of having been wrong during an argument, or of regrets about the past, the actress considered that during her adulthood they had no disagreements, but at an earlier stage.

“As a teenager, I was very unfair, because I did everything wrong, I did everything wrong, I didn’t like everything. I also understood that at that moment, that was my role so that he could understand some things, since he was little, that was how he was, “he explained. “I am calm because I always told him what I thoughtWhether he liked it or not, and those are the consequences that all the people around him today judge me for something, “he said.

Later De Brito inquired about the bond with the rest of his brothers –Diego Jr, Dieguito Fernando, and Jana-, Except for Gianinna, with whom she always stayed close.I have no relationship with any, and with each one it is a different reason; If you asked me before, I didn’t know how to tell you why, now I know perfectly well, ”she confided.

The actress acknowledged that she has no relationship with the rest of her siblings, and that she only maintains her bond with Giannina

After the insistence of the driver and the panelists to know the reasons behind the conflict, the actress summed up: “Because we think very differently, but very differently. As for Dieguito, his mother thinks that it is not the best, so since he does not decide, I clearly respect the mother’s decision (Veronica Ojeda)”. About his disagreements with Jana he was also honest, and clarified that in none of the cases has to do with conflicts over inheritance.

“The fantasy is that they fight for money”Angel commented. “Yes, but I don’t know what money they are talking about, if there really is no money,” stressed Dalma, who minutes before had explained that he had not received any money since the death of the Ten, and assured that they were all expenses in regards to the pending after his death. “With Jana we did have talks in which we cannot agree, because really from the base we think very differently”, he expressed.

In relation to my dad we think very differently, for example, in our relationship with my dad, very different”, he added. At a more general level, he said that there were mixed opinions when establishing a position in front of Justice: “There are things that I say do not work for me, and another thinks that they do; we with Gianinna said: ‘Let’s go for everyone and we don’t care about anything’, and there was like: ‘No, well…’, and here there is a cause that is knowing death”.

“I don’t know if it’s to avoid trouble or not, but I don’t want to blame anyone either because it’s okay to think differently. I think we have to agree to go against the same thing, whether we get along well or badly. I’m not amused either that Verónica Ojeda sits down to evict me and then remembers that I’m pregnant and not being able to speak. So, all those problems that we have, that are real, we have to talk about them in private and move on, ”he concluded.


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Dalma Maradona recalled the fights with her father and revealed the reasons why she has no relationship with her brothers