Dalma Maradona spoke about Mavys Álvarez’s complaint against her father and revealed why she preferred not to give her opinion

Dalma Maradona, on the complaint of Mavys Alvarez

In an in-depth talk with Ángel de Brito at LAMDalma Maradona referred to the complaint made by the Cuban Mavys Álvarez against Diego Maradona and that had been archived and in the last hours appealed by the complaint.

Everyone told me that I had to speak up because I’m a feminist and I wear a green scarf.e,” said the pregnant actress for the second time, adding, “I think a victim always has to have a place to make their releaseBe it this girl or whoever. It seemed to me that everything I had to say was subtracted from the woman’s speech, it was about telling what I think”.

“Beyond the fact that one can believe him or not, if he said what he wanted to say, It would have been to go against what I think and the real victims. I did not want to comment because it was subtracting, saying ‘don’t believe him’ did not add to that cause or to the others “, she insisted and said that what she thought about this cause itself, she preferred to keep to herself.

The brand-new driver from America also asked the eldest of Claudia Villafañe’s daughters about what she remembered about the life her father led in Cuba, where she used to visit him, and about the alleged children he had on the island, according to Matías Morla: “We didn’t know that, not really. It is more of the same. As far as I know they did not appearpBut it is a subject that I do not want to comment on because I do not know. I don’t even know how old I was. I never saw anything. There is the fantasy of people who tell you what they saw, but no”.

The Federal Criminal and Correctional Court No. 6 accepted the appeal filed by the lawsuit representing the Cuban citizen Mavys Alvarez Rego for filing his complaint against the deceased former footballer Diego Maradona and members of his entourage for alleged abuse and treatment he suffered when he was a minor.

On appeal, filed by attorneys Gaston Marano and Marcela Scottithe ruling of the federal judge is questioned Daniel Rafecas that filed the case, and it is requested that the Federal Chamber reopen the case and order the investigation to continue. Now that the Court accepted it, in a basic step within a process, the Chamber has the task of defining whether to uphold or uphold the magistrate’s decision.

Álvarez’s lawyers recalled that “the victim was captured in the Caribbean country, there her will was eroded, aligning her by separating her from her family”then drugs were supplied to her and the crimes “continue in Argentina, where she was kept prisoner.”

During his time at LAM Dalma he also spoke about almost no relationship with his brothers Diego Junior, Jana and Dieguito Fernando. “There is the fantasy is that they fight for money”Angel commented and she explained: “Yes, but I don’t know what money they’re talking about, if there really isn’t any money. With Jana we did have talks in which we cannot agree, because really from the base we think very differently”, he expressed.

In relation to my father we think very differently, for example, in what our relationship with my father is, very different”, he added. At a more general level, he said that there were mixed opinions when establishing a position in front of Justice: “There are things that I say do not work for me, and another thinks that they do; we with Gianinna said: ‘Let’s go for everyone and we don’t care about anything’, and there was like: ‘No, well…’, and here there is a cause that is knowing death”.


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Dalma Maradona spoke about Mavys Álvarez’s complaint against her father and revealed why she preferred not to give her opinion