Dalma Maradona’s fury against a man who was a friend and partner of her father: “Scammer and shitter”

Gianinna Maradona’s sister exploded on Instagram and asked her followers for help

These are more than sensitive dates for Dalma Mardona and her sister Gianinna: October 30 will be their father’s first birthday where they will not have his presence, and on November 25 will take place the first anniversary of the death of the soccer star. Also next Friday will be released Blessed dream, the series produced by Amazon Prime that will portray some moments in the life of El Diez, and his daughters had expressed their anger at the content of the chapters. With emotions on the surface, Claudia Villafañe’s eldest daughter exploded on Instagram and expressed her outrage when she saw that a former friend of her father sells official merchandise using the brand that bears the athlete’s name.

Through Instagram Stories Dalma aimed against Stefano Ceci, a man who maintained a long-standing friendship with Maradona and took over some of his business in Europe just months before his passing. “This is the guy who approached my dad as a fan and now claims to own my dad’s image, voice, and name, claiming that’s not his kids”, He assured in the social network. And I add: “It just appeared to me that you blocked me, you fucking shit @ stefanoceci10″, Next to a capture where he showed that he could not see the profile of the Italian businessman.

The story of Dalma Maradona where she denounced Stéfano Ceci for using her father's brand to market merchandising in Italy
The story of Dalma Maradona where she denounced Stéfano Ceci for using her father’s brand to market merchandising in Italy

He made him sign a contract three months before his death, which his children rescinded today, and he continues to lie to people, harming us, repeating lies and deceiving everyone, “he concluded in the text. “Your account is still standing, therefore I will continue to report you. ‘Entrepreneur’ change it to ‘Scammer’”, He suggested out of sheer irony. Are you crazy or are you a hdp? A guy who appeared as a fan now claims to be the owner of the Maradona brand! Are we all crazy? ”He asked in another story.

In the Instagram account managed by Ceci you can see several photographs with Maradona at different times of his life, and also offers several products with images of the sports star, and a book written by him entitled: “Maradona: Il Sogno di un bambino ”(A boy’s dream)”. “Official merchandise?”The actress wondered indignantly, along with an image capture of the post where the man encourages his followers to enter his website to buy some of the offers in his catalog.

Dalma Maradona's strong messages against her father's former partner
Dalma Maradona’s strong messages against her father’s former partner

As confirmed by the environment of Maradona’s children to Teleshow, Ceci had a long-standing bond with the star: they met twenty years ago when the man who was a child at that time fulfilled his dream of personally meeting his idol, and two decades later he managed to enter the life of the former soccer player. First they were friends, then confidants. Little by little, he gained their extreme trust to the point of doing business together and came to be in charge, among other issues, of millionaire contracts with multinational companies. He accompanied Diego for years: to every country he visited, every place he visited for work, and every business agreement he reached.

Later, he appeared in the life of the star Matías Morla, who would later become his friend, lawyer, attorney-in-fact and with whom he would also make business agreements. In August 2020, Maradona signed a contract in which he assured that he would cede the rights to his image and his brand to Ceci, Morla and Sattvica for life. (lawyer’s company). For this reason, Diego’s children denounced Ceci, and the case is initiated in the La Plata court. Last March, the court determined that Diego Junior, Dalma, Gianinna, Jana and Dieguito Fernando they are the “five universal heirs”; and among the first actions they carried out was to rescind the contract that his father had signed for Ceci since they consider that the star was not within his powers to have made that decision or to make said assignment.

"Scammer, partner of the other scammer", expressed Dalma Maradona in reference to Stéfano Ceci and Matías Morla
“Scammer, partner of the other scammer”, expressed Dalma Maradona in reference to Stéfano Ceci and Matías Morla

Currently Ceci lives in Dubai and after Maradona’s death “Continued to do a lot of business as contract signing in Europe”, they assure to this means the allegiances to the children of Diego. He also presented himself to the succession with the purpose of rendering the accounts: deposited money that, as he explained, is what corresponded to the heirs for a contract that he had collected.


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Dalma Maradona’s fury against a man who was a friend and partner of her father: “Scammer and shitter”