Daniel Arenas shared the first photo he took with Daniella Álvarez: “We were friends there”

Daniella Álvarez and Daniel Arenas
Daniella Álvarez and Daniel Arenas

One of the most striking relationships that 2021 has left in the national show business is the one formed by the actor Daniel Arenas and the presenter Daniella Alvarez.

After the rumors about their relationship were confirmed in September, there have been many samples of love that they have shared in each one’s profiles, demonstrating the intensity of their union and mutual affection, as well as trust. All this has allowed the followers of these celebrities to see the link with very good eyes, and an example of this are the various comments on Instagram, where they have posted the majority of snapshots together.

Precisely, the actor remembered for his interpretation of ‘Santiago Iriarte’ in the telenovela ‘Los Reyes’, surprised his almost two million fans on this platform by sharing the first selfie which he took with Daniella, also clarifying that at that time they were not boyfriends.

“Our first photo. We were friends there “, wrote Arenas, and complemented with a tender message dedicated to his current fiancée. “Today we are two friends who love each other. Thank you for your love and friendship, my namesake “ and closed the caption with a “I love you with my soul”.


As expected, the photo became very popular, achieving more than 375 thousand ‘likes’ and about 5,600 comments, many made by users who predicted good things for the current couple.

“So beautiful”; “What a beautiful couple, God bless you”; “The most beautiful couple” and “Beautiful divine” were some of the compliments; But amid many positive comments, the actor received recommendations.

“Before I saw you hateful, apathetic, but tremendous choice. Daniella is light, joy and strength, she is simple but powerful, with a huge heart “I would like Daniel Arenas among his goals to have the relationship with his girlfriend in mind, which is very important if he really loves her” and “Daniel, you are a great man, apart from churro! May they always be very happy “.

On the other hand, the artist from Bumangués recently uploaded, to this same platform, a gallery made up of three postcards taken in a plaza in Mexico; in all they appear together and in one they meet in a tender kiss.

At the foot of the publication, Arenas expressed an emotional confession for Daniella: “I want my whole life to be an act of Love for you”, generating hundreds of positive reactions.


An image shared on the presenter’s account where she wears a ring on her ring finger would account for an apparent engagement and marriage. Although neither of them has come out to clarify or confirm what was said by their followers, it is already suspected that they would have promised eternal love before the law.

“They married?; Excellent couple, when will the marriage ?; And that ring? ”, Replied some of the couple’s fans, speculating and creating expectations for a possible engagement.

At the moment, only what they post on social networks and what they have said in different media is known. Previously, the 42-year-old artist referred to his partner as: “An earthly angel Daniella and my God put her on my path and we are in that process of being happy and grateful for what we are experiencing” in dialogue with him Mexican magazine ‘Spectacular Formula’.


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Daniel Arenas shared the first photo he took with Daniella Álvarez: “We were friends there”