Daniel Radcliffe poses for the second time with his partner after almost ten years of relationship

Daniel Radcliffe has always been very discreet about his private life. There are very few times that the actor has been seen with his partner, Erin Darke, with whom he has had a relationship for almost a decade. That is why he was surprised that the protagonist of Harry Potter went with her to the presentation of her new film, The lost City, which took place on Monday at the Whitby Hotel in New York. Both were happy and in love in front of the cameras, something that had not happened since 2014, when the couple posed together for the first time at the Tony Awards.

Despite their few public appearances, Radcliffe and Darke have been in a relationship for nearly a decade. It was in 2013 when the interpreter met his partner on the set of the film killer loves, in which they starred together in a sex scene. “It will be a great story to tell our children one day because of what our characters do to each other,” the British actor joked. in an interview for People TV in 2019.

Although they have not coincided in any project together, both succeed in their careers separately. Last January, the special premiered on the HBO Max content platform Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts for the twentieth anniversary of the first film in the saga, a documentary that brought together the cast of actors who conquered an entire generation. Erin Darke, for her part, is recognized for her role as Cindy in the 2016 television series The Good Girls Rebellion, in whose first and only season he gave life to one of the protagonists; as well as for her appearance in four episodes of the first seasons of the acclaimed comedy series The wonderful Mrs. Maisel, which accumulates 20 Emmy awards. She has also acted in movies like Love & Mercy, Always Alice or Do not think it. Currently, she is part of the cast of the series moonshinewhich premiered on Movistar + last October.

There are very few times that Radcliffe has spoken about his relationship. One of them was in 2019, when the actor said these words about her girlfriend in the aforementioned American media: “Doing the most mundane things with her, like just going shopping, is a pleasure. It’s fun. I never thought that going to the supermarket would be such a fun experience, and I’m sure it sounds very sad. But it is the joy that that person can bring to those activities that, if she were not there, would be a bore. It’s the fact that she’s there that makes them amazing.” In 2020, he also talked about his relationship in an interview for the magazine RadioTimes from the British BBC. “I grew up doing a lot of things that made me think, ‘This is so weird. I’ll never be able to do this with a girl.’ But that’s the wonderful thing about the moment when you find the person you’re supposed to be with. I can do all these things and she doesn’t care.”

On The lost City, which will be released in Spain on April 22 on Netflix, the actor plays the role of Abigail Fairfax, an eccentric millionaire who kidnaps a writer, Loretta Sage, who is played by Sandra Bullock, who also attended the presentation together Da’Vine actors Joy Randolph, Patti Harrison and producer Liza Chasin. The film also features Channing Tatum in one of the leading roles, and Brad Pitt in a brief cameo.

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Daniel Radcliffe poses for the second time with his partner after almost ten years of relationship