Daniela Álvarez shows her new life: “perhaps they did not imagine seeing me like this”

Daniela Álvarez went from representing Colombia in 2011 at the Miss Universe pageant to be a show of resilience for its thousands of followers.

The businesswoman honestly recounts the new stages of her personal history in which her ability to overcome adversity has been necessary.

In 2020, Daniela Álvarez underwent a surgical procedure in which a mass was to be removed from her abdomen. Nevertheless, Due to unexpected complications, his left leg had to be amputated. According to medical reports, the young woman had ischemia in her left foot that caused circulation to the area to be cut off.

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Since she found out that she was going to face the amputation of her leg, Álvarez has sought to create content in which the people who follow her can understand what happened to her, and at the same time be able to shed light on what it means to live with a disability.

On several occasions, he has proudly displayed his prosthesis. In addition, in her latest publications, the former Miss Colombia shared that when he gets tired of wearing the prosthesis he has to use a wheelchair to get around. “Perhaps they did not imagine seeing me like this,” the young woman acknowledged in her most recent post on Instagram.

“This is my new reality”: Álvarez

On March 22, the model shared that because she has lost feeling in her right foot, she sometimes hurts it without realizing it.

Moreover, recently Daniela injured the aforementioned limb, which serves as support when she has the prosthesisDue to this, the model has indicated that she will not be able to walk while she recovers, so she has been using the wheelchair more than ever.

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“Sometimes I have to rest my prosthesis stump and that’s how I manage to mobilize,” Álvarez wrote in his most recent video on Instagram for his more than four million followers.

“This is my new reality”, wrote the model while inviting netizens to reflect on the difficulties in their own lives. She believes that sometimes people get carried away by problems without realizing that there can be solutions to almost all of them and that the important thing is to face them with courage.

Everything has a solution, and that which, like mine, perhaps does not have one, is overcome over time, accepted and carried forward.

In the video you can see that Álvarez is sitting in a wheelchair, while she carries her prosthesis in one arm and pushes herself forward with her right foot.

Álvarez’s purpose is to show that without his left leg, he must resort to different ways of moving, since you cannot wear the prosthesis permanently.

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“Everything has a solution, and that which, like mine, perhaps does not have it, is overcome over time, accepted and carried forward,” said the Barranquillera.

The young woman has taken the opportunity to talk about disabilities, which she takes with great responsibility. Thanks to her work as Señorita Colombia, she feels that she can tell her story publicly and give voice to a subject that is not usually talked about.

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Daniela Álvarez shows her new life: “perhaps they did not imagine seeing me like this”