Daniela, daughter of Héctor Parra, fears for her safety after receiving intimidating messages from Sergio Mayer

Sergio Mayer will be sued for influencing the case of actor Héctor Parra.

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Daniela, daughter of the actor Hector Parra, revealed that he fears for his integrity after receiving some messages from Serio Mayer and detect the presence of some people who monitor your home.

After it was announced that Héctor Parra will continue his process in prison, after the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City decided that the actor must continue with the precautionary measure after being accused by his daughter Alexa Parra of sexual abuse and corruption of minors, new statements have emerged from her daughter Daniela, in which she assures that she has received intimidating messages from Sergio mayer, who in days gone by denounced for allegedly having committed influence peddling in the case of his father.

However, now the young woman publicly denounces that she has also received messages from the former Garibaldi, with which she makes it clear that it is about intimidation.

“It can be intimidating like the complaint they made against him (Héctor Parra), we also take it as an intimidating act because the truth is already coming to light and they don’t like at all that their crap is coming out.

In an interview with the program ‘De Primera Mano’ Daniela reveals that her relatives have witnessed how men have arrived to watch over her home and business.

“Outside my house, my mother’s house and my business, my uncle told me that there was a truck with some men in suits and some girls taking photos of my house, the business.”

Daniela reiterates that, despite the fear that they have managed to generate, they have always acted under absolute legality and transparency, so she makes it clear that she intends to proceed legally against those who are responsible for such acts and in the stories on her Instagram profile she shared an image with the messages.

“I have received several messages of this type (Sergio Mayer), which at first glance would seem harmless and even friendly, when they have actually become the new way that corrupt people try to manipulate the public image of the whole case, wanting to look like heroes who are NOT, “he said next to the messages.

Finally, he reveals that the relationship he had with his sister Alexa has been completely fractured and more, after reading the complaints he has signed against his father, so he does not want to know anything about her and will demand that he pay the consequences of the damage that has provoked them.

“I recently saw a document signed by her and at that moment the twentieth of that that girl stopped being my sister a long time ago. As much as I have had a little hope within me, that Alexa is not like that, well It was more than clear to me when she signed those documents, she will have to pay like the adult that she is, because she is no longer a girl, anymore she is accusing like an adult, then she has to respond like an adult“He added.

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Daniela, daughter of Héctor Parra, fears for her safety after receiving intimidating messages from Sergio Mayer