Danna Paola shocks netizens by wearing a flirty white lace outfit

The beautiful Mexican singer and actress Danna Paola has proven to be at the level of the biggest stars in the entertainment world, managing to stand out for his recent participation in the Spanish series of Netflix “Elite”, so his Instagram profile has managed to reach the farthest corners of the planet.

This time we will address a small video that he shared through his official Instagram, which has been reproduced more than 4 million of times, a piece of entertainment that has managed to pamper its loyal followers who are located in different countries and who is, of course, who came to give it a like and many comments, in which they dedicate themselves to expressing their great admiration and for course to congratulate her on her excellent beauty in this pretty white outfit.

And it is that the young woman was wearing a splendid attire from lace colour White one that delineated its beauty and charms in a spectacular way, something that we did not imagine but that from the moment we observed it we could see that it is pure game and much more for all those people who enjoy it.

In the video we can see how he appears singing illusions before the camera, a section of one of his most recent videos in Youtube, “A bit” the new success that he has launched with Mau and Ricky, these two singers who have also achieved great notoriety in the music industry in recent months.

There is no doubt that his video is the most flirtatious and has managed to conquer millions of users on the Internet, gathering more than 100,000 likes and more than 1 million reproductions in total, lasting more than three minutes and 10 seconds.


Danna Paola / Instagram

Danna Paola shares her beauty on every occasion she can for her fans.

The song is very catchy and in it we can see Danna Paola in different Outfit, in each of them she appears super beautiful and proving that she is a star who deserves all the success that you have achieved and much more, so she will continue to strive to Fulfill your dreams and keep breaking records.

Just a few weeks ago we could see how on social networks it was said that “she was fat” or that she “had dedicated herself to drinking”, which is why she seemed to be too swollen or neglected, so after all the comments that Danna Paola received , the young woman who started her career on Televisa making children’s soap operas began to drastically change her image.

However, she has continued with all the attitude, the young woman has always faced a lot of negative comments from the press, the media, the presenters and now by the users of social networks.

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Danna Paola shocks netizens by wearing a flirty white lace outfit