Danna Paola was going to be Selena, but a strong crisis made her give up the Netflix series

At the time when Lu was one of the most beloved characters in the Spanish series, Danna managed to keep the leading role in ‘Selena: the series’, the Netflix production in collaboration with the Quintanilla family that told us about the life of the queen of tex-mex

However, despite the fact that the role was already hers, the “Bad Fame” singer decided to take a step back and said goodbye to being Selena without even giving her the chance to be one of her credits as an actress. We tell you why.

Danna Paola was going to be Selena Quintanilla in ‘Selena: the series’

During the filming of the second season, Danna Paola did the casting for ‘Selena: the series’ and stayed with the leading role. However, at the time, the singer was experiencing a crisis regarding her career.

The success she was having as an actress was a strong signal that she should continue to prioritize her career in front of the cameras. ‘Elite’ had just been renewed for a third and fourth season and she already had the role of Selena.

By contract, Danna still had to participate in season three of ‘Elite’, something that she definitely wanted to do. However, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go out in the fourth. Also, despite already having the role of Selena, she still wasn’t fully committed to the role.

All this was added to a very great restlessness that beat in his heart: music.

“The hardest thing was to arrive and know that I already had the character, that I already had the fourth season of ‘Elite’ and I [dije] ‘What do I do? But my music? I’m just starting out, he’s doing well.’”

When she got the role of Selena, Danna Paola released her second single ‘Oye Pablo’, a song that, like ‘Mala Fama’, showed her that dedicating herself to music was not something so crazy.

Danna Paola refused to be Selena Quintanilla in ‘Selena: the series’

The singer chose to take a step back to the fourth season of ‘Elite’. However, she still had pending whether or not she participated in ‘Selena: the series’. In those moments, not knowing what to do with her plunged her into a severe crisis in which her crying was the protagonist.

“I was in an emotional crisis regarding my career perspective, knowing if I was a good singer, if I should dedicate myself to music, if I was doing things well.”

Among the revelations she had in this session, where, based on the mystical relationships that exist between numbers, letters and patterns one can learn more about herself, Danna realized that she is not “the actress who sings”, but the “acting singer”.

Being the acting singer was still a great way to venture into being Selena in the Netflix series, after all the series was going to feature multiple renditions of the Tex-Mex queen’s biggest hits.

In addition, many told him that this character was the best thing that was going to happen to him in his career.

However, Danna Paola realized that she really did not want to be remembered as the singer who performed Selena’s songs, but for her own songs.

“I didn’t want to be remembered for my music for playing someone, but for my own music. Otherwise, at concerts they were going to ask me to sing Selena songs.”

In the end, Danna Paola rejected the leading role of Selena Quintanilla, which passed into the hands of Christian Serratos.

“I cried and cried… then I said ‘I think what I do have to do is music’”.

Not knowing if she was really going to make it or not as a singer, Danna took a risk and, fortunately, her bet on music has been a whole new facet of success in her career, which includes being nominated in the category of Best Pop Vocal Album in the Latin GRAMMY 2021 for ‘KO’

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Danna Paola was going to be Selena, but a strong crisis made her give up the Netflix series