Date of birth revealed When does the first child of Los Nodeli arrive?

Belinda Y Christian nodal They could have written to the stork earlier than expected, the singers would be expecting their first child.

The singer Belinda and the Mexican regional would have anticipated in an exclusive that their plans to become parents would come true as it is a dream they both yearn for.

After this, the rumors seem to increase more and more and although they revealed few details of the wedding link, recent versions indicate that Belinda I would already be pregnant.

Possibly, the recent collaboration with the magazine Who gave way to these rumors, however, the fans are still more than aware of the romantic couple, who for months it is presumed they would arrive at the altar before the end of 2021.


Belinda and Christian Nodal are parents? They would expect a baby. Photo: Instagram Capture

“When will he be born?”

An alleged source whose name has not been revealed would ensure that the baby of “The Nodeli“As they are affectionately called on social networks, it would arrive in this world in mid-June 2022.

They say that this would materialize one of the couple’s plans to become parents, this not before the “naturalized Mexican, become the wife of “composer“as he would mention.

It would be a source very close to the couple who, apparently, would reveal the news that has left everyone surprised since for Belinda Peregrín Schüll, it was very important “to marry the regional, before forming a family.”

Until what is known about the plans of the “former judges of La Voz“is that at the moment they are planning what will be their wedding, and Nodal is doing everything to please his future wife,”The School Girl“On the other hand, the date on which the big event will take place is unknown.

The information in this regard is as scarce as the details of the assumption “pregnancy“, of which today the musicians are once again the target of the comments.

Without a doubt, it would be all crazy for fans of the “television actress, who dabbled as a child star at age ten in productions such as”Friends forever“(2000),” Adventures in time “(2001)” Complices to the rescue “(2002) and today he is also a prominent figure in social networks.

Particularly on Instagram, the “businesswoman“who already has 14.5 million subscribers who are keeping an eye on each of his movements.

The “model“, Belinda Peregrin Schüll, has headed the covers of important publications such as Glamor, Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, CARAS and recently Who, in which she appears with Christian Nodal with whom she reaffirms her relationship and future plans.

It should be said that it is not the first time that the “composer“,” pianist “and” producer “faces rumors of this style since it ruled out this type of controversy a few months ago, Belinda Peregrin, sent a clearer message denying the gossip by being shown indoors in Vogue magazine, where I could appreciate her completely flat abdomen.

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Date of birth revealed When does the first child of Los Nodeli arrive?