Daughter of Salma Hayek, like a pretty young lady, wears a feather mini dress and steals the actress’s camera

Definitely, Valentina paloma, daughter of Salma Hayek, inherited her beauty and charm, and she demonstrated it in her most recent public appearance with the actress of Eternals, where, like a whole lady, she wears a mini feather dress and steals her camera, during the unveiling of her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Recently, the beautiful Mexican actress, Salma Hayek, nominated for a Oscar award for best actress for her role in the film Frida, revealed her star in Hollywood, where she was accompanied by her husband, the billionaire businessman Francois-Henri Pinault, as well as for his beautiful daughter, Valentina paloma, 14, who this year has debuted on the red carpets, making more than one fall in love.

And it is that, in addition to her physical beauty and sympathy, inherited from her mother, the beautiful Valentina has also completely conquered with her great style and spectacular outfits, which have made it known that she follows her mother’s footsteps very closely, in who, surely, is inspired.

On this occasion, the 14-year-old teenager stole everyone’s attention during the night of Salma Hayek, wearing a divine and flirtatious mini dress like a lingerie batita, with details of black feathers, both on the neckline and on the edge of the skirt.

The daughter of the film actress They are like children, she combined her outfit like a diva, with incredible black corrugated boots that reached above her knees, as well as a stylized black blazer, which gave the outfit an elegant touch.

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For its part, Salma Hayek She looked splendid in a black formal dress with sparkling details on the chest, with a balloon midi skirt and a bullfighter, which she accompanied with black platform sneakers, the perfect look for a woman over 50 years old.

To the incredible event, in which the native of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, was supported by the affection of her family, as well as the actor Adam Sandler, who is her great friend, but above all, of her fans, who have not let go of her hand during the more than 37 years of her artistic career.

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“I want to say to everyone who is here, my dear fans, that it was you who gave me the courage to stay here. Although they did not know me in the Hollywood studios, all Latinos in the United States knew who I was, they understood that I had come with dreams like them. These fans have been with me for 37 years. In hard times, they gave me the courage, “he said.

“So when you all see my star here, I want you to know that since you are all in my heart, some of your stardust is here on this site. You are also part of this star ”, he added.


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Daughter of Salma Hayek, like a pretty young lady, wears a feather mini dress and steals the actress’s camera