David Beckham severely criticized for kissing his 10-year-old daughter on the lips: “It’s time to stop!”

What seemed like a sweet walk in the park between david beckham and her little daughter Harper’s Seven that was worthy of sharing with the followers of Instagram, ended up becoming a space for debate in which many they criticized the former footballer from being wrong with the little 10 year old.

And it is that in a publication this Friday, the 46-year-old English star shared a couple of photographs in which he and his daughter appear well dressed due to low temperatures. In the first image they pose smiling for the camera, but the second photo is the one that generated controversy since Beckham appears kissing her daughter on the lips, action that is very common in him, not only with Harper, but with his other three children.

the socialite Victoria Adams, wife of the singer and mother of the girl, rreacted with hearts to the tender publication, to which the accounts of Alejandro Sanz and Inter Miami were added, who agreed that it was a touching father-daughter moment. However, Beckham’s supporters were upset with the former English national team.

A woman identified as @paula_jones_74 wrote a message tagging Victoria asking her to please stop this situation: “Tell him not to do it anymore, they are father and daughter, I understand that there is love and it’s fine, but this is not a good example“, she said. Another user named @katwom21 went directly to David and wrote “She’s a big girl now, it’s about time you stopped kissing her on the lips“.

Fans show support for Beckham

Although many expressed their discontent at seeing that the former footballer for Manchester United, Real Madrid and Milan kissed her 10-year-old daughter on the lips, many other came to his defense and they assured that they do not find the conflict in the way in which the English star shows his love to his daughter Harper Seven.

Some users told David that they kiss their children on the mouth all the time, some of them are already teenagers and adults and nobody points them out for doing it and that in no way do they have to feel ashamed.

Others said that it is very common for them to show their parents affection like this: “Here they go again to attack the poor man for kissing his little daughter! Leave them alone. I kissed my dad on the lips every time I saw him and told him how much I loved him, after all dads are a girls first love and their forever heroes!“commented a woman named @mellymoo.

What do the experts say about kissing children on the lips?

Socially and culturally in many countries it is not well seen that adults kiss children on the mouth, even if they are their children. Psychologist Manuel Hernández explained in an interview with El País that This type of display of affection should not be a problem as long as it occurs in a non-sexualized context and the minor does not feel uncomfortable; however, they would change their nuance if they occur, for example, in an environment of sexualization, anxiety and/or violence, since they would generate a negative impact on the child.

In contrast, many doctors consider that beyond the social, cultural or even psychological, the child’s health may be compromised in case of receiving a kiss on the lips from an adult, since “the mouth is like a box of bacteria and germs“that can be transmitted and cause damage, especially in the smallest, because they still do not have as developed the immune system.

Likewise, the transmission of saliva could cause them, in the best of cases, some infection or cavities, explains the Spanish Society of Pediatric Dentistry on its website.


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David Beckham severely criticized for kissing his 10-year-old daughter on the lips: “It’s time to stop!”