Dayanara Torres: “I am more than happy”

The happiness that Dayanara Torres currently lives spoke for her. He had not finished asking him about how he is doing in the love plane, after knowing the details of his new line of products for the home, among other professional and personal issues, when he immediately replied: “I am more than happy.”

He opened his big eyes wide and continued.

“There is someone, in fact, who is coming right away. There is someone, ”he said as he looked both ways to see if he could see it from the terrace at the Aloft hotel, in the TMobile District, where this morning he presented the line of household items, Dayanara Collection, available in the Me Salvé stores.

– Is he Puerto Rican?

– No, Latin yes.

– Does it belong to the artistic environment?

– No, it’s (featured) behind the scenes …

– And you are happy…

– Very happy.

– What has been different now?

– I think, oh my God, I’m talking about this a lot. Well, I can tell you, one thing, first time they see me, you understand, not to clip wings or anything like that.

The infatuation is evident. He spoke with ease and enthusiasm. He also shared expressions about the new stage he is living in the relationship with his children, Cristian (20) and Ryan (18), who “have already left” to start their university studies.

“I was left alone and when they say that this process is strong, I lived it, because I was always a mother. Then, suddenly that is gone and what do I do, but I have to let them go, grow, fly, that’s what all growth is for and raise them well and make the right decisions, but yes, they are gone, “he said with certain nostalgia.

He described them as “very cool” both. “Cristian, for example, the other day I told him, I’m going to Puerto Rico, because the line is going to come out, he told me, ‘I’m so proud of you,’ he told me, and they really mature, I think that faster, because while they were growing I protected them a little, too much, but little by little when they leave, see how they are with me, always pending. My little one, if I get up and someone approaches me, he leaves where he is and ‘what happened’, very cool ”.

The judge of “Look who dances” (Univision) -competition to which she will return in the fall of 2022- said she was in good health after recovering from skin cancer that was diagnosed at the end of 2018. “I keep going every three months to be checked, just to see that nothing appears out there, that it is not welcome and thank God well ”.

Along with the launch of home products, Miss Universe 1993 is working on her second book, one more biographical than the first, “Married with me”, in which she recounted how she endured the divorce process of singer Marc Anthony by having young children, among other experiences.

“This is going to be more of a biography, since it all started. The stories that nobody knows, the stories that my brothers and I go through. Many people who do not know do not know that we are from the country, without luxuries at all, without doors, in the bathroom there was a curtain; all those details that I think anyone who reads it can say, ‘this person, look where he’s gotten.’ I think that this is going to be the most complete book ”, he advanced. The publication hopes to have it completed in less than a year.

Decorating is another of his passions

Family and friends of Dayanara Torres know first-hand her passion for decoration, because as she confessed this morning, for years she has decorated the houses and rooms of her mother, sister, nephews and friends.

“People who follow me know that I love decoration. If I don’t find what I want, I create it with wood, with whatever it is, it is something that fills me, that I have done for many, many years. I decorate the houses of my friends, my family, I love all this and it was always a dream the day that I could have a line with my things and when he approaches me I was saved, because they saw the things I was doing, I said, ‘ this is a match perfect for me, ‘”he said at a press conference.

The collection of items, in addition to having a variety of decorative accents to make each space in the home more welcoming, has a particular emphasis on organization. “If you go to my room, my closet is all organized by color, a little crazy, but I like it that way, and if you are looking for a black shirt one day, you go straight to where the black is, and I think it simplifies life.”

There are a variety of baskets in natural fibers, metal and other materials to facilitate order in the different areas of the home, such as living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

The line includes cushions, blankets, baskets, area tables, flower pots, bedding sets, movable carts and will soon include patio furniture. The pieces will be renewed seasonally.

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Dayanara Torres: “I am more than happy”