Dayanara Torres: who is the new and mysterious boyfriend of Marc Anthony’s ex

In love. Love and illusion have enveloped the former Miss Universe with their magic, , who is remembered for having been a partner of the famous singer March Anthony. But after a few years of being alone, the model has found her better half.

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Precisely, regarding this issue was the own , born in Puerto Rico, who confirmed it in the program Primer Impacto that transmits the Univisión network.

“Yes, I do believe in love and I am happy. Right now I’m happy, I’m happy“Were the words of the former beauty queen.

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In the interview conducted by Michelle Galvan of First Impact, although the former beauty queen confirmed that she has once again believed in love and that she feels very happy, she has not yet confirmed the identity of who would have conquered her heart. What is known is that he is of Latin origin.

In that sense, he was also asked if it has crossed his mind to marry again, to which he responded with an affirmation.

I don’t know getting married, I think so“Expressed the excited Torres.

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One of the first pairs of was the singer Marc Anthony whom he married in 2000; however, after four years they ended up separating. As a result of that marriage, their two sons Christian and Ryan were born.

In 2018, many years later, the model began a relationship with the businessman Louis D’Esposito, and in October of that year they got engaged. Everything was going well between the couple until after a few months Dayanara Torres placeholder image was diagnosed with skin cancer.

This news led to the departure of the businessman who decided to end the model.

Precisely, spoke about the decision of D’Esposito of leaving her in 2019. He indicated that despite the pain that caused him, he is grateful that the businessman appeared in his life, because if he did not insist that he go through a check-up he would never have found out about the disease.

“I do not understand, so many years dedicated to my children, they never met anyone, that is, this person seemed the right one and well they met, we went out as a family, we traveled as a family, but unfortunately when my cancer happened and my treatment was a lot for him, and he was honest and said it, but if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t have checked itTorres said.

Currently, after overcoming cancer and being dedicated to work and her two children, the former beauty queen said that she is very happy and enjoys every minute to the fullest.

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In that same interview announced that she is currently an entrepreneur and has launched a line of home products bearing her name.

Is about “”Which includes cushions, baskets, candles, bedside tables, mirrors, towels and other products. As indicated, all the products are now available in stores, the new concept of ¡Me Salvé! And in mesalve com.

Dayanara Torres launched a line of products with her name.
Dayanara Torres launched a line of products with her name.

I have been blessed to do so many things in my life, but at this moment this line is something so mine, that it fills me, that it takes away my sleep. I am happy, it is a blessing because I had always dreamed of having a line of cushions, sofa, kitchen things, shower curtains and towels “, he sentenced.

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Dayanara Torres: who is the new and mysterious boyfriend of Marc Anthony’s ex