Demi Lovato changes her look to say goodbye to 2021 She shaves!

This weekend, the famous singer and actress Demi lovato He showed in his account the most extreme change of look that he has made in his entire career, as he decided to completely say goodbye to his hair.

The truth is that Demi Lovato is known for her radicals look changes; from crazy colors, cuts of various styles and hairstyles that show off her extravagant taste, however, her recent haircut is undoubtedly the most radical yet.

And it is that to celebrate Christmas Eve and as a Christmas gift for herself and her admirers, the former Disney Channel star showed off her most radical change of look so far, with her hair almost shaved.

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As you may remember, just in January of this year, Demi Lovato changed her look and went crazy on social networks for her short and pastel pink hair, however, now she has returned to the black tone and has practically shaved her hair.


In the video recorded with FaceTime, as revealed in the description of his publication, the pop star wrote that with his new look already a week before the end of 2021, his change of style was a new beginning.


In his official Instagram account, the video of his new look has reached more than 1,667,402 views in just a few days of sharing it with his 121 million followers on the social platform.

How can you be so beautiful? “, Wrote a fan of the singer, although others wrote comments such as” Why? “, Because the radical change of look for a less feminine style was not to their liking.

As we mentioned before, Demi Lovato often leaves fans speechless with radical changes in appearance as she has had blonde, black, reddish, pink and even orange hair.

I do this a lot, “Demi Lovato explained to Ellen DeGeneres a few years ago, who noticed the lighter locks on the young woman.” You’ve heard that I’m bipolar. So I change my hair a lot. “

The truth is that Demi Lovato’s life has taken many turns in recent years, because from a Disney girl to an internationally successful singer, Demi faced an overdose that almost ended her life.

After that experience close to losing her life, the interpreter decided to fight for the visibility of mental health problems and since then she has undergone changes on an emotional and physical level.

Demi has made it known on many occasions that she now sees her body as a canvas to express feelings and release herself.

There is no doubt that the last few years have been a path towards self-knowledge on the part of the singer.

And it is that, in the last year he has announced his commitment to actor Max Ehrich, his subsequent breakup, the premiere of his documentary ‘Dancing with the devil’ in which he talks about his worst moments such as his overdose in 2018 or the abuse that suffered when he was still a Disney child, and the aftermath of the eating disorders he still struggles with today.

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Demi Lovato changes her look to say goodbye to 2021 She shaves!