Diego Camargo revealed the details of his divorce

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The name of Diego Camargo is one of the most recognized within Colombian comedy, because in addition to the three decades that he has been dedicated to the trade, he has been part of recognized productions on the ‘small screen’, both in front of and behind the cameras, because it is key to remember that He also works as a professional in the direction and creation of scripts for television.

However, far from his work in humor, samarium has been in the news in recent days because of his divorce, since he himself decided to end the 17 years of marriage he had with Marta Isabel Beltrána well-known communicator.

He confessed this in an interview he gave for the entertainment program “I know everything” on Caracol Television, through which he gave all the details that led him to make this momentous decision.

“After so much time one realizes that there are things that one needs to change. Starting a new process in life implies a lot of terror, but you have to continue, ”she commented.

Similarly, Diego Camargo assured that he chose to return to singleness motivated by some relationship problems he had with Beltrán and that, in turn, worsened the relationship.

“Obviously it is not a thing that one says everything is perfect and from one moment to another it is not. These are things of years, there were fights, arguments, things in which we collided and others in which we walked together. We became friends, partners, partners, a team… but at some point we became more partners than a couple”he added in his talk with ‘La red’.

In fact, in a recent show that he gave together with his colleague, the comedian Catalina Guzmán, he stated that he is in a stage of rediscovering himself and, although he warns that it is complex to start over, he also admits that it was necessary to give him a breath into your life.

As for how the mutual divorce agreement took place, Camargo let it be known that it was a fairly peaceful conversation, in which both agreed that there was no point in prolonging a life as a couple in which love was not the same.

“It was a very rational conversation and the sitting down to talk was very calm. It was a decision made. I told him at some point that it was best to take different paths and obviously that news was sad for everyone, including my daughter. When you realize that there are paths in life that have to be taken, there is no going back, “explained the comedian.

Finally, Diego Camargo told said medium that despite the mixed feelings that a divorce generates, he, his daughter and his ex-partner, are calm because it was “the right decision”.

“I am calm. Like everyone else I feel sadness, loneliness many times, I miss Ana, my daughter, the possibility of getting up and her being there, of making her breakfast in the morning, those things are missed a lot… I am sure that it is a decision that I took rationally and very calmly. In my process I was clear that there was going to be no turning back”he concluded.

It is worth mentioning that the comedian is preparing to commemorate his three decades of life in comedy in the coming days and will be the antagonist in a film by Harold Trumpeter.


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Diego Camargo revealed the details of his divorce