Diego Torres and Débora Bello: how the romance between the couple arose

What happened between and Débora Bello? The couple has been characterized as one of the strongest in show business. The celebrities of Argentina have a relationship of more than 16 years, which they consolidated in a marriage made in March 2020, and a daughter named Nina. However, local media have begun to speculate about an alleged crisis between the spouses, who met in a way that few remember.

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The program The angels of the morning they were in charge of reporting on the clues that would point to a distancing between public figures. “Diego Torres and Débora Bello are in crisis; they have been living in Miami for quite some time, and there are rumors that say that he would have moved from home “, said Maite Penoñori during the broadcast of the television space of The thirteen.

He added that one of the signs would be that Beautiful did not accompany the singer to the last Latin Grammy. While Angel De Brito noted that “they told him“That the musician “He went to live in another apartment.” “(…) But capable they can solve their differences and come back; I sent a message to both of them and neither of them answered me, which is rare because they usually answer “, he detailed.

The married in 2020, for “confirm“Their relationship that overcame the 16 years. “And one day … we got married! After many years of being together and having built a family, as we imagined and talked about so long ago, we are getting married! To confirm this beautiful love that unites us, that gave us the possibility of being a family and making our way in life “, was what he wrote Diego Torres on Instagram back then.

Diego Torres with Débora Bellos when they announced their engagement. (Photo: Diego Torres / Instagram)
Diego Torres with Débora Bellos when they announced their engagement. (Photo: Diego Torres / Instagram)


Diego Torres and Débora Bello met at a barbecue, because they both had friends in common. The singer had ended his six-year relationship with Angie Cepeda. After that friendly meeting, the musician invited her to be part of the video clip of “Walking“, next to Ricardo Darín and Angela Torres, which appeared in 2006.

From that moment, the rumors that there was something between the singer and the model, which was later confirmed by the couple. “He is not complaining at all, he has a great sense of humor and maintains a simplicity that allows him to enjoy life”, said Beautiful, in an interview with Susana gimenez in 2007, about what caught the attention of towers.

Meanwhile he artist, on several occasions, had pointed out the virtues of his still wife. “She is a great companion, she is a great mother, and I knew, you saw when you see good wood, I knew that she would be a great partner in that personal project as important as a family; He is also a person who understands my life a lot and I understand his ”, he told Mariana’s diary.

The last publications of the spouses together date from July 2021, then they have only shared content of their figures and together with their daughter Girl. Like Bello, who on November 26 shared a photograph with her daughter by the Thanksgiving Day, thanking for the welfare of their loved ones, without mentioning Diego Torres in his post on Instagram.


Diego Torres and the Colombian composer Fonseca released in March 2021 the single “This heart”, A theme that manages to unite two of the most recognized and admired talents in Latin music.

The song is now available on all digital music platforms and the video can be enjoyed through Diego Torres’ YouTube channel.

“Este Corazón” is authored by Diego along with Fonseca, Frank Santofimio, Reggie El Authentic, Mannel, Víctor Herrera and Yadam. A rhythmic ballad where Caribbean and South American percussions are mixed accompanied by lyrics that passionately describe a love relationship in danger.



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Diego Torres and Débora Bello: how the romance between the couple arose